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Solving Institutional Administrative Issues

I need some help with a discussion I have to lead---here is the question:

Describe and explain an administrative issue with which you are familiar in your institution dealing with governance. (E.g. how did the board or CEO handle the issue to solve inefficiencies?)

From what you have read and learned, combined with your experiences, would you lead the same way or do something different? Why?--any ideas? Thanks!

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An Administrative Issue
A problem was identified in the Nursing Education Department regarding the need for additional education for patients. With our patient population coming and going so quickly, it is all that nursing could do to carry out the orders and perform the required activities. Unfortunately, most patients were discharged before they could receive the beneficial education needed to keep them from returning to the hospital. Everyone seemed to know it was a problem but nothing was being done because it could not be quantified.
It was up to the Education Director to gather a group of providers who would gain by having the additional education before the patient was discharged. We started keeping detailed records on diabetics, congestive heart failure patients, and patient who needed wound care. Every time a patient had an intervention it was recorded. When ...

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