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Select and analyze a curriculum theory

Can you help me get started with this assignment? In this assignment you will select and analyze a curriculum theory. A curriculum theory is a set of principles or suppositions intended to guide the design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction. Using the Library, unit resources, and the Internet, selec


What is meant by this expression "A proposal must demonstrate a 'fit' with the institution's mission?" and how might you go about ensuring a grant proposal?

How to improve negative behavior in elementary school...

Action research project is how to improve negative behavior in my classroom of fourth grade students and also in elementary school. Provide three examples of some stakeholder groups that would be interested in this project and the reasons for your choices. For example (stakeholder group may be parents or students, other te

Traditional & reformed teaching of math and science

How have the reform movements impacted teaching mathematics and science? Write your response in a paper and include the differences between traditional teaching and current practices in mathematics and science?

Explain core training, collateral training, and career training.

Can you please help with the following: Training departments are beginning to fulfill the needs of life-long learners in three important areas: core training, collateral training, and career training. How might each pertain to your current and future situation? A. Core training: the skill and knowledge that is requ

Educational paradigms

Respond to the following questions: 1. Which paradigm best describes your current learning organizational environment? Why? Provide an example. 2. How does your organizational paradigm affect your assessments and measurement of student learning? 3. On a personal level, which paradigm do you feel most represents your

Learning disabilities case: Alex, elementary school student

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Alex is attending a new elementary school and is nervous about meeting new friends and having new teachers. She thinks that the school work at her new school seems much harder than at her other school. Although she had some difficulties at her old school, these problems seem t

Links to Five Historic Images

Activity choice and development · Children's familiarity with idea of chronology · Five historical pictures chosen according to criteria · Women and Minorities represented · Activity sequence element incorporated 25 points Session development: Begin the session by as

Transformative Learning Theory

The final research paper should identify, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate an Adult Education theory. The research paper must include the origins of the theory you have chosen, the theorists and history of development, and show how others in the field have questioned it, adjusted it, and how it has changed over time. Transfo

The Pros and Cons of Instructional Plans

Please answer the following questions. Provide at least 200 words. What are advantages and disadvantages of providing detailed information in each component of an Instructional Module/Training Plan? Which component of an Instructional Module/Training Plan requires most attention as the plan is being designed and why?

Addie Model Evaluation Step

I have created a Course Title and Description: Title: Nursing Recertification (LPN) Course Description: The purpose of this course is to provide 60 hours of instruction for licensed nurses to be recertified. All performance skills and written test material will be tested in a challenge format. Students must pass

Education/Teacher reasons are embedded.

I have a love for teaching and helping others however; I have a hard time explaining this in writing. Can you assist me in the right direction to answer the below question in the appropriate way in 1,000 words or less. Why do you want to become a teacher, and how will your professional experience help you achieve success in

Helping Girls to Excel in Math & Science and Use In Careers

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Community and education: our connection for the future. As a part of improving education we are encouraging young women to enter the fields of mathematics and science. I am preparing a paper on the above topic which should be presented in 15 to 20 minutes long.

Reading at the college level as overload

When does reading become ineffective? Is it after 4-5 hours of reading for the next day discussion? Is there some type of proven research on this topic from a credible source? If so, please provide the link.

Information Processing and Learning Disabilities for children are researched.

Discuss the following topics: 1. Explanation of information processing 2. Comparison of information processing in students with and without learning disablities. 3. How Learning strategies address information processing problems 4. Learning strategies to address information processing developments of students with disabiliti

Play therapy is exemplified.

In early childhood education, what does research say about the effectiveness of play therapy? What are the present limitations of play therapy research? Can and should play therapy be conducted in an elementary classroom? By whom? What do you consider to be the future of play therapy?

Classroom management

Reflect on this: You're an elementary teacher in a self-contained classroom. You've got a class of 29 lively sixth graders, and you've been struggling all year with classroom management. Damien, a larger than average boy, seems to resist your efforts at every turn. You like science and have tried to provide concrete, hand