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    Create a matrix ASAP regarding the following:

    Compare and contrasts the different types of assessments, the characteristics of each, and for what situations each is best suited. It should address the following:

    1. How is each type of assessment scored?

    2. Discuss the value and limitations of each test in determining knowledge and skill

    3. Analyze each instrument for reliability and validity.

    Response lists the type of assessment first, and then how it is scored, then its limitations and then reliability. 1,626 words

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    Ok I am going to lay the paper out as follows, I will give the type of assessment first, and then how it is scored, then its limitations and then reliability. Not sure how many you need to compare so I will give you all that I am aware of and have used in the past.

    Formative Assessment- This type of assessment is give to the students prior to introducing a new topic to see how much background knowledge they actually have on the subject. This assessment makes it easier to determine how much in depth information is going to need to be taught prior to the actual lesson in order for the students to understand the concept, students who have broad background knowledge of the topic and have done a lot of traveling usually score much better on these types of assessments especially in the science and social studies fields.
    Formative Assessment is scored on a regular testing scale using 0-100% accuracy.
    This type of assessment is usually based on the goals that are in need of being accomplished. For example, if an objective states that the children will be able to name the difference between bodies of water such as a river, lake, and ocean, the test questions should be based on those attributes. Once the test is complete, the students can then be taught based on their previous knowledge. It is very rare that all students score very high or very low on this kind of assessment in most cases there will be a balance of scores.
    As far as being reliable and valid, this type of assessment is a wonderful one for that because it gives the teacher the ability to teach in groups or make games and activities based on what the children already know or don't already know. There is no need in re teaching a topic to kids that already know it, and there is a lot of need in building background knowledge for students who do not have it. We used to call this kind of teaching front loading.

    Summative Assessment- This is probably the most common type of assessment because it is used the most often with teachers. This assessment is given after a topic has been introduced and taught in its entirety. This test will allow a teacher to know whether he or she did a good job getting the children to retain the information.
    The value of using this ...