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Assessment and Special Education

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Why is it important for educators to have a clear understanding of assesssments? How does assessment measure true success and failure for a student? How do classroom assessment techniques alert the instructor to future lerning problems for a student? What assessment tools would you use after teacher observations and curriculum- based assessment to determine whether or not a child has a learning disability?

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Assessments and Special Education are discussed.

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Assessments help educators/teacher know how to teach. Assessments tell us what our students already know and what they need to know. They tell us if our lessons were successful and what we need to teach again. As educators it is essential to have a clear understanding of assessment so we know who to use the data from the assessments and which kind of assessments to use and why. Assessments measure the successors and failures of our students by tell us what they have learned. We as educators need to use a variety of assessment so get a clear picture. A carefully thought out pre and post assessments is very important for educators. These assessments tell us where to begin and if we were successful in our lesson plans. A well planned out pre and post assessment will tell us how much our students learned. These assessments might include several actual "tests." For example a pen and paper, oral, skit, or model. This would depend greatly on the students and what subjects are being taught. Assessments can alert a teacher to possible learning disabilities by allowing the educator to see patterns. If for example a students is continually struggling in math or writing it would be prudent to pay closer attention and use other assessments to see if further testing is needed. As educators we cannot use only one form of assessment; we must use a variety and we must give clear expectations. It is important to use a variety of assessment tools in order to ensure an accurate and fair assessment. Not all students learn the same way and thus cannot be assessed in the same way. Therefore, I believe one should use ...

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