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teachers "make" curriculum

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In the explanation discuss these factors:

1. Just how do teachers make curriculum?
2. Describe briefly at least three specific strategies that teachers may use to improve learning and tell why you selected those strategies and how they may impact student learning.
3. A reflective thought: What role does teacher experience play in classroom effectiveness?

I can discuss the topics, but I can't get a great deal of depth in addressing them. Need help with a more in depth explanation and discussion.

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1. First of all, I firmly believe that teachers "make" curriculum effectively by thoroughly examining which sets of skills or specific objectives that one's state test or end of the year instruction test/standardized tests, too, will measure.

Teachers also must consider which content or sets of skills are also needed for entry into the next grade level in a particular content area, such as English. When kids enter my 7th grade room from 6th grade, they should have mastered how to write a full five-paragraph essay, for example.

Teachers also "make" and formulate curriculum as they consider and assess which specific skills or objectives are also targeted locally, for example, in one's school district, state, school, etc. Using these areas as a map, teachers then create meaningful, engaging lessons to ...

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Examples are briefly mentioned from persona experiences to validate how teachers "make" curriculum.