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    Designing, implementing, or evaluating curriculum

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    In this assignment you will select and analyze a curriculum theory. A curriculum theory is a set of principles or suppositions intended to guide the design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction.

    Using the Library, unit resources, and the Internet, select a curriculum theory for further research. (You may want to email your instructor to determine the appropriateness of your selection).

    For your selected curriculum theory, answer the following questions:

    What are the primary principles of this theory?
    What are the weaknesses of the theory as a guide to curriculum design, development, implementation and evaluation?
    What is its value or worth for educators or trainers who are designing, implementing, or evaluating curriculum today?

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    I am selecting the Core Curriculum theory.

    Primarily, this theory has been staged for lots of districts to be able to focus on a specific finite base of information that will be taught to students. The assumption is that if all districts and teachers within those districts streamline their lesson plans then testing for mastery is said to be simple and manageable. When teachers design lesson plans where they will be covering content that is the same as other teachers around the state or district for a particular subject, outcomes should show if teachers are doing their job right. With that assumption, it is speculated that teachers can see which areas they need to improve or which test questions or content areas need adjustment by looking at test scores.

    Also, the core curriculum is primarily on basic subjects like ...

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    The Core Curriculum theory design, development, implementation and evaluation is discussed