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    Language development and impairments

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    Please discuss trends in language development and specific language impairments in early chlldhood. What referral processess and interventions strategies are appropriate in these situations?

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    The process of language development in young children is a process of listening and repetition. The baby babble that all young children go through is the process of experimenting with sound articulation - all sorts of sounds. The sounds that receive reinforcement or encouragement from caregivers are the ones that get repeated, and that get learned. This is why babies of Chinese parents grow up speaking Chinese, not English. The sounds that get encouraged are the sounds that form part of the language(s) of the caregivers. Since Chinese speakers don't generally recognize sounds used in English, those sounds are not reinforced, and are not repeated and learned.

    As the child grows, they learn that certain sounds, and combinations of sounds represent concrete objects they can see, smell, taste, hear and touch with their five senses. They begin to put words together to express desires and ideas - sentences. Later, children begin to comprehend the concept of names for things and ideas that cannot be experienced with the five senses - abstract concepts ...

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    Discussion of language development in young children, and two common impairments teachers may see in the classroom, along with recommendations for interventions.