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    clues to potential hearing impairments

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    What are some clues to potential hearing impairments? What are some developmental considerations, therapeutic treatment and intervention considerations, and technological devices and assistive language communication modalities for children with hearing difficulties?

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    As you examine signs of possible hearing impairments within children, please note that kids' speech or language patterns often give a lot of vital clues to suggest an undetected hearing impairment. For example, research shows that a child may "omit certain sounds, such as saying "ca_" for "cat." A child with impaired hearing may watch a speaker's face more intensely than other children in order to gather visual cues about what is being said" (http://www.uihealthcare.com/topics/hearing/hearingimpairment.html). Delayed development of speech and language skills and failure to understand questions or instructions are also common clues.

    Similarly, you might also add that kids' voices with ...

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    Clues to potential hearing impairments are explored.