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    Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

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    Please help with the following: Compare and contrast the terms deaf and hard of hearing. Include the educational achievement of students with hearing loss in the areas of academics and communications skills. Also compare and contrast the total communication method of teaching communications skills to the auditory, oral and manual communication methods. Please use scholarly references to support points made. Thank you so much for help and assistance

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    Deaf vs. Hard of Hearing

    They might seem to refer to the same thing but the terms deaf and hard of hearing actually refer to different stages of hearing loss. According to the University of Washington's DOIT Center (2016), "Deaf usually refers to a hearing loss so severe that there is very little or no functional hearing. Hard of hearing refers to a hearing loss where there may be enough residual hearing that an auditory device, such as a hearing aid or FM system, provides adequate assistance to process speech." This has impact on the ability of students to learn as deafness and hearing impairments can be barrier to learn in the same specifics as students who do not have this impairment follow. DOIT Center (2016) further explains, "Being deaf or hard of hearing can affect students in several ways. They may have difficulty following lectures in large halls, particularly if the acoustics cause echoes or if the speaker talks quietly, rapidly, or unclearly. People who have hearing impairments may find it difficult to simultaneously watch demonstrations and follow verbal descriptions, particularly if they are watching a sign language interpreter, a captioning screen, or a speaker's lips." Additionally, even small group discussions can ...

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