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    Relationship Between Ergonomics and a Hazard Analysis

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    What is the relationship between ergonomics and a hazard analysis?
    "Ergonomics has emerged to become a major element in the practice of safety" (Wyman, 2000). As is frequently the practice, hazard analyses are taken into consideration "in the design concept, design and engineering decisions and in process reviews." (Wyman, 2000). Both go hand in hand and rely on one another to continue making changes in the safety environment. Ergonomics is based on repetitive movements and the equipment we use that plays a part in these ergonomics. For example, someone who consistently looks down at a computer screen could begin to have issues in their neck or shoulders or have frequent headaches. Ergonomics plays a part by determining the right eye level this person should be looking at the computer screen and making adjustments in the height of the screen, desk, chair, etc. The hazard analysis is an analysis of several of these cases to determine how the hazards can be corrected to prevent future injuries to the employee. These analyses can also prevent other hazards that may have not been identified in the original analysis, such as lighting when viewing the computer screen that could be contributing to the headaches.

    Wyman, J. (2000). Safety and the security professional. Boston, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann

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    After analyzing and studying the differences between ergonomics and hazard analysis, it seems that ergonomics comes first, and, as you have said, hazard analyses work hand-in-hand with ergonomics to make sure that while ergonomics is developed, hazard analysis is in place to see to the safety of these developments and implementations.

    My first response is that perhaps you might generally identify what ergonomics is earlier in your writing. I think your explanation is well-done, but might be better placed at the beginning. It's like a chicken vs. egg question: it seems that ergonomics has brought about the need for hazard analysis and should be identified first.

    For me, understanding that health and productivity lead logically into hazard analysis makes it easier for me to understand the concept of ergonomics.

    You refer in the second line to "and in process reviews is more frequently..." Might I suggest, if mine is an accurate assessment of what your intention is in this sentence, that you use "and an in-process review is more frequently" instead. (This addresses the ...

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