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Fractions, rubric

You are planning to teach your second graders about fractions. What are three ways (including performance assessment) in which you can assess their recognition of fractions? Explain each method you choose. Devise a mini-holistic rubric for assessing a DQ response. Think of the necessary components that should be in any DQ

Text structure

Knowledge of text structure is known to assist students in reading and writing. Yet English learners may come from a culture which uses different text structures than are found in English. Briefly describe text structure elements found in English narratives or stories. Next, choose one element and discuss how you might teach it

Curriculum analogy

Create an analogy for educational curriculum include the key players; teachers, principals, community, students, and government. To what may they be compared? Who pays for the services in your analogy? Try to extend your analogy as far as possible

Differentiation in the Classroom

Why should teachers differentiate instruction? Critics may say that differentiation lowers standards and students expectations. How would you respond to this criticism?

Modifications and Accommodations

Could you please give me examples of effective methods of modifying assignments and making academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities?

Qualitative VS Quantitative study

This response gives the pros and cons of both types of research as well as which would be the best choice to use in different situations.

Please help

Can someone briefly explain the following where it states....because here user/assessor/learner is limited by user/assessor/learner's own creativity leading to self construction of knowledge and not to the extent of instructor's knowledge....Your thoughts? Can you give me some sort of an example? Thanks Statement Many tim

Creative Problem Solving Activites

Write a problem-solving activity that includes the following four elements: purpose, materials, directions for the creative process, and an evaluation tool that may be used to judge success.

Supporting physical development

In order to better understand physical development in young children please provide me with a couple examples of activites that support physical development in preschool children. Describing the type of development the activity supports and what premises must the teacher keep in mind when they select the activity for the childre

This is a discussion regarding formative and summative assessments. Specific content includes the following ideas and questions: 1. One example each of a formative and a summative assessment. 2. Which type of assessment do you believe gives the most information to show how well a student is doing? 3. What is reliability? 4 What is validity? 5. What are some ways to increase both reliability and validity of a classroom assessment?

A formative assessment is given in the course of teaching a particular lesson and is designed to provide feedback to the teacher regarding student retention and understanding of concepts and ideas. A teacher should use formative assessments in order to know what information, concepts and ideas need to be re-taught or more clea

Venn diagram

Language Program Venn Diagram. There are three types of programs offered to ELLs: foreign language, bilingual, and ESL. Using a 3-circle Venn Diagram, compare/contrast these programs, and include the following: · Language goal · Consideration of culture · Faculty/staff needs · Material

Discussion question/ short answer

Develop a case for using narrative literature in a science class. How would you defend its use? Provide arguments for your case and prepare to defend them. How do you compare the possible uses of narrative literature and expository text as they apply to a middle school language arts classroom? Define metacognition and describ

Experience with differentiated instruction

Differeniated instruction must be carefully planned for when designing lessons for students. Based on your reading and research information, provide a brief example of a lesson that has not been planned for differentiation and your recommendations for how this lesson can be modified to include the principals of differentiation.

Child Development: Infant Sensory Systems

Infants learn about the environment through their sensory systems. Explain this statement. What examples illustrate this concept? How does this information relate to the nature vs. nurture controversy and your understanding of child development?

Objective-Based Evaluation of a Math Curriculum

Can you help me evaluate the math curriculum based on Tyler's objective based model? This is the curriculum for 7th grade math. http://www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/mathematics/scos/2003/k-8/35grade7 The rationale for using this approach is that it covers all aspects of the evaluation process. By following the seven

Classroom Management Theories

Choose six classroom management pioneers and create a PowerPoint with detailed notes summarizing their respective theories or discipline models. Highlight the specific contribution of each to contemporary classroom management theory.

How can you avoid bias when selecting samples for human services research?

Can you help me get started with this assignment? 1. (a) How can you avoid bias when selecting samples for human services research? (b) Imagine that you are going to design a survey that will be administered to consumers/clients in your field (e.g., nursing home residents, youth mentors, single mothers). -- How wo

Physical development in Infancy

I feel I have a good understanding of the characteristics and diversity of physical development in infancy, but can you please help me to understand the implications of those behaviors for the early childhood educator?

Organizational Security Policies

Q1. If an organization has various departments, such as HR, security, various department heads, and legal, what conflict may occur in relation to any investigation and the investigation's budget? Why? Q2. What impact does training of contracted security on an organization's culture, policies, and procedures have on an initial

Reliability and Validity of Human Services Manageme research

1. Define and describe 2 types of reliability. Provide an example of reliability as it applies to human services research or to human services management research. o2. Define and describe 2 types of validity. Provide an example of validity as it applies to human services research or to human services management research.

Specific training for security officers

Below are specific training for security officers in Virginia: -Legal issues -Crisis management -Emergency medical service in first aid and CPR -Detaining criminals -Alarm system operation -Report writing -Fire arms training, marksmanship and target training Answer this question. Thanks Q. Are there any additiona

Cost Comparison of Public School, Pre-School & Prison Education

I need information on the amount per child spent on public school education compared to pre-schools and prisons. I have tried to find websites about this topic but am coming up empty handed. Also please list references, so that I may go back and add more information if necessary.


Reliability ad validity. In this solution the differences of the two terms are identified. The solution goes on to call out the advantages and disadvantages of survey results by providing an example of survey research in the news. 1. What is the difference between reliability and validity? Imagine that you are going to

Personal beliefs and experiences regarding assessments

a. In regards to assessment, describe one positive personal experience. b. In regards to assessment, describe one negative personal experience. c. Based on your educational experiences, what is the purpose of assessment? d. Based on your educational experiences, what is the value of assessment? e. What is you

Phonics or Whole Language

An essay over the controversy of what is more beneficial when teaching reading, the phonics approach, or the Whole Language approach.