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Thinking Styles and Critical Thinking

Compare and contrast the three different types of thinking and comment on how each affects the critical-thinking process. Finally, apply critical thinking to the decision-making process by discussing workplace examples that highlight each of the three different types of thinking you have examined in this paper.

Communication and the various forms of technology are discussed.

Communication is a major topic in our society today. The various forms of communication have increasingly grown. People communicate world-wide via new forms. New forms of technology and communication also bring new issues. Email, instant messaging, and text messaging are three of the newest forms of communication commonly us

Classroom characteristics are noted.

Can you help me with this assignment? Sort each of the 5 most difficult decisions into the five characteristics of classrooms. Explain how each situation fits into each of the classroom characteristics. 1) Classrooms are multidimensional. The large numbers of events and tasks make discipline challenging. 2) Classrooms are


How do you think children learn to hate? Also, who do you think have more of an impression on young children (0-5) in regards to what and who to hate, their parents, other siblings or friends?


Can anyone name two more groups (besides Afro Americans and the Irish) that were documented to be slaves/servants. How do you think these other groups were affected by being enslaved/made to serve another?

Help with a multicultural summary is given.

This job offers ideas for summarizing the following article regarding teachers and their practice of multiculturalism in their classrooms. Notes are generated to model for the student.

Action research is discussed.

Ideas are generated for this task: Field Experience observations will include any literature, records, passive observations, information sources about the problem and the context for each student's site. use the information below to formalize and systematize an observations. Below are some elements that you should include

Identify a measuring instrument and its capabilities

I need help getting started with the following assignment: There are numerous instruments that are available to measure or represent certain concepts like with CLIMATE you have (scales) and CONTEXT (force field analysis) and for TEMPERATURE there is the thermometer. Identify ANY INSTRUMENT you have used and write a summary of

Annotated Bibliography on Classroom Management.

I have to do annotated bibliography and I need 4 more articles and responses to the articles on classroom management. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, web pages, and other documents. The reference citation is listed first and is followed by a brief description. The annotation informs the reade

Please provide 3 paragraphs in length of information w/references

Discuss when it is appropriate to discuss salary requirements in your pursuit of other job opportunities. How do you bring this up in conversation, and with whom do you address the issue? Is the view different depending on whether you are staying with the same employer or seeking employment elsewhere? How do you know what the ap

Action Research

Action research requires collaboration in a group project. Share some of your positive and negative experiences of past team projects. What suggestions do you have to make a group projects go more smoothly?

cover letter job descriptions

These areas are emphasized: ? Create a cover letter for a selected job description. ? Discuss the value of cover letters with regard to recruitment efforts. o Are they a necessary step in the process, or can they be eliminated? o Present pros and cons to both sides.

Leadership and Management Comparisons are made.

One definition of leadership states: Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent.(Source: Managers also influence their subordinates and try to accom

Career planning is summarized.

The more you know about industry and occupational trends, the better you can determine what skills and qualifications are in demand by employers today. This knowledge provides a foundation for evaluating your own marketable attributes and placing an emphasis on certain qualities. Whether you have been out of the job market for q

An experimental research study is exemplified.

I need an experimental research study example/script that includes the following steps: 1. Problem Statement 2. Identifies and defines important theoretical constructs 3. Identifies and operationally defines independent and dependent variables 4. Formulates research hypothesis 5. Identifies a population 6. Deals with all

Examine organizational behavior for the Charter Bus Business or Transportation

I need help getting started examining organizational behavior for the Charter Bus Business or Transportation, in which I need to explain the following key concepts and terminology: a) Organizational culture and behavior b) Diversity c) Communication d) Business Ethics e) Change Management I need to describe the observa

Control Impact on Management at Continental Airlines

I need help getting started on a 500 word paper on Continental Airline. Identify the control Impact on management in the following areas: a. Setting performance standards ( the level of expected performance for a given goal) b. Performance Measures c. Evaluation (comparing performance with the standa

Lit-folio (Reading) & Introduction are featured.

- What is reading? Types of Reading: Types of Texts - digital, expository, fictional, etc. - Modeled Reading: Read Alouds Read Aloud Web Quick summary: What is the purpose of extending a read aloud using the six language arts? Using your language arts document, choose a grade level and develop a web similar to the foll

Touchstone literature texts are named.

This job offers a running list of children's books read to you to document your five touchstone texts. For each text, this job records the title, author, and a very brief summary - just enough to help you remember the book. It also chooses and includes a reader response and then suggests teaching points (for language and across

Classroom management with students with special needs

I have to write 500 words on classroom management and the importance of it especially when dealing with special needs kids. I have attached some of the information I have found thus far. But it all needs to tie in and talk about the components of classroom management. Please help get me started.