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Developmentally appropriate activities for young learners

I feel I have a good understanding of the characteristics and diversity of physical development in infancy, but can you please help me to understand the implications of those behaviors for the early childhood educator?

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Children's physical and mental development is critical to the early years educator in that learning experiences must be tied to developmental milestones in order to take advantage of the child's developing abilities at the right time, and not too soon, which leads to disappointment.

For example, children at a young age lack fine motor skills, which is why it is not recommended that they be given scissors, unless they are the extreme safety sort that absolutely will not cut skin or hair. Children must mature physically before they can control a pair of scissors without cutting themselves. Projects for art time, therefore, are best if they do not require scissors, or if the necessary pieces are pre-cut for very young children.

This is only one example, and helps explain why finger painting is popular with young children, since that technique ...

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Discussion of the inmportance of understanding children's physical development in order to design developmentally appropriate lessons for them.