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Learning & Teaching

Ideas related to education and assessment are noted.

Objectivity is essential in assessment, yet no one is completely objective. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes in your interactions with young children. What do you detect that could hinder as well as aid your objectivity? Why is it important to use informal assessment methods, particularly with young children?

Intelligence and Education

Brief account of what intelligence theory offers, the IQ, Nature-Nurture debate, multiple intelligences and concise comparison of Howard Gardner and Sternberg's Theories of Intelligence.

Assessment Theories

Which theories of assessment (e.g., authentic, classical, etc.) do you find the most relevant to teaching practice?

Culture of Critical Reflection

How can one sustain a culture of critical reflection in a course? Please provide a 250 word response using peer-reviewed journal articles. Use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations and reference list. I need ideas and suggestions. Thanky you.

Special Ed.

In a grade 3/4 class in an Aboriginal community (with little resources), a beginning teacher is confronted by an extremely active class and a gifted student who continuously challenges him as well as the other students. Could you please explain to me the widely held assumptions or beliefs might be called into question given the

Education and PE techniques are briefly covered.

These questions are brainstormed: What are the strategies, activities, and materials that are most effective for teaching health, safety, and physical education to young children along the developmental continuum?


How can teachers use the science curriculum to develop critical and reflective thinking skills in young children?

Art and Education

What is the curriculum content that a successful early childhood art education program needs to include? Why? This is the topic for my research paper. Just wanting to see where I am supposed to begin. It is awfully vague.

Curriculum Planning

Why are goals important in curriculum planning? What is an example of a goal that originates from content need, student need, and community need?

Human Development in The Classroom

I need help with the information on each question and examples to prepare for writing a paper: 1. Analyzing the importance of understanding the stages of human development in the classroom. 2. Analyze some of the problems that might result from a teacher's lack of such understanding. 3. Focusing on one stage ( early

Nurses and Knowledge

1. Discuss the various ways nurses have traditionally gained knowledge; the pro's and con's. 2. What types of research problems might be more appropriately addressed by qualitative versus quantitative methods?

Analytical, Creative, and Practical Intelligence Explained

Can you explain the alternate views of IQ testing? Analytical Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, Practical Intelligence. I have to do a powerpoint presentation. And I need information about analytical intelligence, creative intelligence, and practical intelligence.


A. Do you believe that learning is observable? Is it characterized by a change in behavior? Do you subscribe to this perspective on learning? Why or why not? Defend your position. b. Do you believe that learning is thinking and/or a change in thinking? Do you subscribe to the cognitive-developmental view of learning?


Does the IEP consider all aspects of the student's learning including academic, functional, adaptive, and communication strengths/needs? Explain the relationship between the IEP and a Free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Peer Mediation

What is peer mediation? Peer mediation is used in many schools. Discussion on what it is and what it does.

The first week of school

If I was hired in MIDDLE of the school year (i.e: for maternity leave position) for a grade 3/4 position - what would my first week of school look like? What are some things I would want to do first?