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Learning & Teaching


A. Do you believe that learning is observable? Is it characterized by a change in behavior? Do you subscribe to this perspective on learning? Why or why not? Defend your position. b. Do you believe that learning is thinking and/or a change in thinking? Do you subscribe to the cognitive-developmental view of learning?


Does the IEP consider all aspects of the student's learning including academic, functional, adaptive, and communication strengths/needs? Explain the relationship between the IEP and a Free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Parent Teacher Conferences (IEP's)

What are some of the import elements and issues around conducting parent-teacher conferences. Focus your responses on the interaction between parents of students with disabilities and teachers.

What biases, attitudes or beliefs do you have about the family unit?

Please help me with these questions: 1. What biases, attitudes or beliefs do you have about the family unit? 2. Will these biases, attitudes and beliefs affect your ability in dealing with today's diverse family unit? 3. How have changes in health care policies or trends impacted your practice of nursing?

Analysis of the parental role occur.

The following subtopics are addressed: 1. Discuss the development of parenting skills 2. Discuss parental values and attitudes that accompany stages in the development of the child 3. Analyze methods of effective guidance 4. Discuss the role of discipline; compare and contrast discipline with punishment 5. Discuss cons

Ethics of using previous work for a new assignment

Do you feel pulling information from previous personal writings is a means of limiting you as an individual and/or student. As you are not writing material from freshly researched material that provides you the ability to gain new insight/knowledge on the subject matter? Or do you feel it is a way to showcase the knowledge you

Online learning is examined.

Please analyze the following statement: Less interaction is a problem in online studies - Some researchers on online education believe that this is due to what we call "relative anonymity." The fact that we meet online gives us a little more anonymity, and therefore, most of us are more open than we are in the regular classro

Adviser - overseeing, coaching, counseling, and mentoring students

Scenario: Throughout this course your task will be to assume the role of an adviser with the responsibility of overseeing, coaching, counseling, and mentoring about 50 college students. This quarter you will specifically be meeting with one student e.g. international ot who is just getting started in higher education and alwa

The role of paraprofessionals is debated.

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words and include references as part of the solution. Reflecting on paraprofessionals as instructional assistants, how can teachers effectively train them to be most productive with their students with special needs?

APA Formatting Questions

Circle the best answer to each of the following problems. 1. Margins should be a minimum of one inch on: a. The left side of a page. b. All four sides of a page. c. The top and left sides of the page only. d. The left and right sides of the page only. 2. Papers should be double-spaced, with the first line of every par

Formatting Questions

2. Margins should be one inch on: a. The left side. b. All four sides. c. Top and left side only. 5. Papers should be double spaced using a one-half inch indent for the first line of each new paragraph. a. True b. False 6. In MLA format, pages are numbered in the: a. Bottom center. b. Top center. c. Right upper cor

A stand alone module with no Internet is explained.

Instructional Strategies with the primary instructional mode (textual explanation, bullet points with audio, case-based, and/or simulation) and the types of cognitive tools (chunking, concept mapping, mnemonic devices, and/or graphic organizers) is used to teach the material to the learner.

Learning Environments

1. Since the introduction of computers into the classroom, various terms have arisen that basically refer to the same thing, such as computer-based training (CBT), computer-based learning (CBL), computer authored Instruction (CAI), computer-managed Instruction (CMI), computer-mediated learning, etc. Define computer mediated lear

History of Curriculum In Japan

How the history of curriculum affects the development of curriculum today. An overview of the curriculum of Japan post WWII and it's affects of todays curriculum development.

Describe briefly a research problem that you would like to pursue. Include the research question, and rationale for using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to research.

Describe briefly a research problem that you would like to pursue. Include the research question, and rationale for using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to research. If quantitative or mixed, state the hypothesis. Select one software program appropriate to your research approach, and discuss pro's and con's of us