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Learning Environments

1. Since the introduction of computers into the classroom, various terms have arisen that basically refer to the same thing, such as computer-based training (CBT), computer-based learning (CBL), computer authored Instruction (CAI), computer-managed Instruction (CMI), computer-mediated learning, etc. Define computer mediated lear

History of Curriculum In Japan

How the history of curriculum affects the development of curriculum today. An overview of the curriculum of Japan post WWII and it's affects of todays curriculum development.

Describe briefly a research problem that you would like to pursue. Include the research question, and rationale for using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to research.

Describe briefly a research problem that you would like to pursue. Include the research question, and rationale for using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to research. If quantitative or mixed, state the hypothesis. Select one software program appropriate to your research approach, and discuss pro's and con's of us

Instructional Technology Plan

Develop an instructional technology plan of training course of "OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogens" for for school employees. The course will be administered on-line as an asynchronous course that is self-paced and it will use Flash for animations, PowerPoint for slides, Dreamweaver as a web site platform, and Lectora t

Creating Lectora

Using the Title Wizard menu item in Lectora, select a pre-formatted Lectora template. After you have selected your template from the Title Wizard menu, create a brief learning module (5 screens) describing the steps used on how to use the Title Wizard menu feature. Include the following components in your learning module: 1.

Instructional Design Case Studies

Part I: Read the attached case study file (CaseStudy2) of Terry Kirkland. After the reading it, read the online version of the same case study at Answer the following questions: 1. Using research sources, discuss THREE instructional methods used in the Kirkland case situ

Instructional Design

Part I: I am a director of curriculum development for a school system. I believe that I need to hire an instructional designer, although I do not have that position on staff at present. I will need to make a case for hiring someone into this new role. My audience does not fully understand either instructional design, or the

Stages of Language Acquisition

Describe the skills that students will demonstrate in the stages of language acquisition. i.e. listening and speaking, reading, and writing.

Moral Values and Moral Reasoning Process

I need help answering these questions: Describe a time when your moral values influenced the way you responded to an issue. What differences did you notice between your logical reasoning process and your moral reasoning process? What were the possible consequences or outcome of your decision?

Team-based curriculum

Provide advice and instructions in your own words with examples to a remote work team that has been given a curriculum design project: 1. what are the strengths and weaknesses of team-based curriculum design in a remote work environment? Support with examples. 2. what processes or procedures might be unique to a curricul

Instructional technology

Your classroom teacher has assigned you to a small group of students who must study the water cycle. What sorts of instructional technology might the teacher wish to use with this group of students? Explain your choices. When students are working with instructional technology, what would you see as your role as a paraprofess

Assessment Tools / Special Education Assessments and Interpretation

Assessment Tools / Special Education Assessments and Interpretation There are numerous tools of assessment available to trace and support children who struggle to reach physical, emotional, and academic benchmarks. Test assessors have an enormous responsibility to understand the strength and weaknesses of each assessment. An

College Degree advantages are listed.

These questions are answered: When is a college degree a real advantage? Do you think that all college students should be working either before they enroll or at the same time? In the best case, is a college graduate more prepared to keep on learning? Do you think that employers find degrees simpler to measure than i

Triarchic Theory of Intelligence is explained.

This posting describes the three realms of cognition in the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence and compares competitive goals to cooperative goals that occur during assessment in schools.