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Learning & Teaching

Finance Concepts are included.

If you have $10 today, you can invest that $10 and earn interest. If, for example, you earn 5% interest, you will earn $0.50 interest and have a total of $10.50 at the end of one year. If you invest the $10.50 for another year, you will earn $0.53 interest and have a total of $11.03 at the end of the second year. In year two, yo

Learning Theories

The critical features of behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist theories of learning are examined. (See attached file for full problem description)

Learning Theories

1. Provide three examples of learning experiences and link each of the examples to the behavioral, cognitive, and constructivist/contextual theories. For each example, be sure to describe why each example reflected the characteristics of theories. 2. Using practical examples, explain how a course designer might use active le

Tools and Techniques Paper

Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word paper discussing a decision-making tool or technique on the Internet or another source. Make sure your discussion includes a description of the tool or technique as well as an application example from external sources or from your workplace experiences. Explain when one would and when one would not use

Education Research

Write a "best practices" letter to researchers to help them develop descriptive survey instruments, conduct survey research, and report results.

Instructional Objectives, Tools, and Media

Part 1 I am thinking of converting classroom-based instruction to a different delivery medium. I heard about broadcast instruction, audio-video conferencing, and other distance learning applications but am unsure about the delivery method of each. Eventually I will be writing a report to my boss addressing the following compo

Instructional Tools and ISD / Computer-Based Learning and Design

Part 1 Define instructional media and discuss its purpose. Address these questions: Where does instructional media fit in the instructional systems design (ISD) process? In the ISD process, when do you select instructional media? What criteria do you use to select appropriate instructional media? Based on your

Human Subject Research and Review

This posting answers the following questions: 1. What is the general purpose of a human subjects review? 2. What kinds of people within a school would you ask to be on the review panel? Explain the reasons for choosing each person. 3. Give examples of projects within the school that may require careful review before t

Research & Literature Search

I am a manager of a corporate training department for a large multi-national corporation. My department has been conducting an analysis of learning outcomes based on the application of web based learning tools in concert with traditional face-to-face instruction. During the past year, my department conducted four sessions of an

Developing Instruction

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of at least four types of delivery materials, such as text, videoconferencing, audio-conferencing, etc. Provide examples of each type of delivery material. Delivery Material #1. - Advantages - Disadvantages - Example A Example B Example C Delivery Material #2. - Advanta

Question about Education Research

Answer the followings with examples: 1. How can you use data from surveys, interviews, or questionnaires in a research project? 2. How can you use immediate student evaluation data (course test scores, etc.) in a research project? 3. How can you use student evaluation data from standardized tests in a research project?

How to gather data for educational research

The topic I am persuing for the research paper is "Fathers' involvement and their children's academic success". The research problem is to "examine the link between increased paternal (fatherly) involvement and a child's academic achievement in school". The main research hypothesis would be "increased fathers' involvement cause

Learning outcomes are defined.

The solution defines the likely learners within that setting. I can select an actual or hypothetical setting, situation, and learner population, but the analysis must include demographic data that actually correlate with your learner population. For the entire project, use the ADDIE model. The "Guide to a Systematic Instructiona

The Education Research Process is emphasized.

This posting summarizes "Understanding the Parent Education Needs of Incarcerated Fathers" from and answers the following questions. Pls. answer all 14 questions! 1. What is the focus/topic of the article? 2. Why does the author feel that

School Finance is the focal point.

This posting questions at what level of state participation do school districts become concerned about the issue of loss of local control in regards to the ratio of local/state/federal revenue? It also illustrates arguments for and against the forced consolidation of small school districts from a financial perspective.

Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses

1. Describe qualitative analysis. What is it? How would you go about selecting a sample audience for a qualitative analysis project? What are the kinds of outcomes from qualitative analysis approaches? Provide two brief examples of qualitative analysis. 2. Describe quantitative analysis. What is it? How would you go about sel

Educational Research

Please see attached file - Kramarae, C. (2001). The third shift: Women learning online. Washington, D.C.: American Association of University Women Educational Foundation. (ED461348). Provide a comprehensive overview of this educational research journal article (Attached file). Use the following criteria/questions to evaluate

School finance

What factors should be considered important and included in developing a formula to distribute state resources to public schools and why? (i.e. poverty, diversity, transportation costs, staff seniority, etc)

Curriculum - Defining

* How do you define curriculum? * How does the educational institution with which you are affiliated define curriculum? * Do all stakeholders (boards, administrators, teachers, students, parents, general public) define curriculum the same way? * Is it important for the profession to settle on one definition? W

Elementary reading and decoding

Develop a teaching plan that covers a period of time from one to two weeks for a shared reading of a big book appropriate for emergent readers. Describe in detail what will be done at each step, from the first reading to the final use of the book for teaching points.

Elementary reading and decoding skills are modeled.

This job cites a detailed plan to teach work identification skills or strategies. It then chooses a book or story that contains words that will be suitable as big words for the skills or strategies you want to teach (4th,5th & 6th graders). It then describes what you will do and say to teach the skills and strategies that ar

Educational Psychology

Develop a plan whereby you would integrate a part of each of the theorists (Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan) into your classroom environment. Be certain to use knowledge from the text. Consider the age group of students (4th, 5th. & 6th) you are teaching and indentify which of Erickson's strages of development your students will