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Soci-economic sectors using eLearning

1- Please research to find, then describe at least 3 socio-economic sectors in which eLearning occurs â?" military, P-12, higher education, medicine, corporate, etc.

level of cognitive demand and context

Discuss what level of cognitive demand and context is represented by a student who performs each of the following activities: Reads for comprehension Acts out a historical event Points to items in the classroom Writes short paragraphs Watches a movie with academic content Participates in a baseball game Listens to

Three language aquisition theories in action

Describe the type of classroom suggested by a behaviorist classroom and a innatist classroom and a interactionist classroom. talk about teachers roles in each, how errors are handled, and grouping patterns for example, whole, group and individual learning

Educational Adjustment for students with EBD

What steps can educators take to avoid the problems of bias and discrimination against students whose cultures and beliefs about Emotional Behavioral Disorders differ from their own?

Test Construction: Issues and Concerns

PODCAST 3 -- INTERVIEW W/ RACHEL AND JOE I have attached a podcast interview that I have found from the Lehigh Career & Technical Institute. Can some help me provide a brief summary of the podcast. Then please tell me what your ideas, as a teacher, of a critique are based on what you have heard.

Article Summary - Cooperative Learning

Article Summary -- Cooperative Learning: Conduct an Internet or Library search for one article on the use of cooperative learning. Please list the article or website in APA format and include a brief summary or outline of the article.

Classroom Observation guidelines: what is the best way to conduct a classroom observation? This is usually required several times by education majors in all core areas of instruction.

I would like to do an observation with a teacher. From an instructor's standpoint, can you please help me answer the following questions, as if you were the student doing the observation so that I can see what exactly I need to be pay attention to when I complete my observation. I need assistance preparing an outline of what I n

Case Study: Underachievement in Bilingual Classes

Lupe has lived in a large urban United States city for 10 years. She was in bilingual classes in elementary school and is now mainstreamed for all subjects, although her English is not completely fluent. She is friendly and cooperative when she is in class but has a high rate of absenteeism. She seems to prefer talking with frie

Short Feedback

1. Discuss the problems that might be associated with a male counselor providing services to a female client or vice versa. Are these valid concerns? Explain and provide options 2. Discuss the issues of an agency offering accessibility to all clients (ADA). What would be the effect of the costs in retrofitting offices and b

Behavioral and Emotional Disorder

Why should an emotional or behavioral disorder be considered a disability? How would you explain to someone who is unfamiliar with special education and psychology what is wrong with the children we say have emotional/behavioral disorders?

Curriculum Standards

I have found an interview, on the internet, which I would like to use with "Cathleen P.", which I have attached as a Podcast. Can someone help me to create an outline of what the important topics are and create a critique that you would make being a teacher? **See attachment**

National/State Standards and Benefits of Standardization

Please answer any three questions of your choice. 1. What do you see as the benefits of standards? What are the problem areas? 2. Using national and your state's standards in your content area, discuss how you would implement and apply any three standards found. 3. Give an example of how you could use backw

A brief essentialism overview

How has essentialism impacted the role of assessment and accountability? Discuss the social, economic, and global pressures that have given rise to the popularity of this educational theory.

Teaching English to Native Learners

Should English language learning instruction replace a natives language? Should Ell students be identified as students in need such as special education What are the advantages and disadvantages teaching students in native language? What do you think would be the ideal program for a Ell student. Need resources.

Need assistance with practice problem

I need assistance on building graphs/charts for the data. This is a practice problem. If you could please provide assistance so that I could use it as a model to complete the orignal assignment. Data for Practice Problems Standard Test Scores Name Gender Absences PE Math Writing Reading Alex Boy 5 49 85 86 80 Antho

Sample Research Questions

I have to complete a research paper that identifies a problem area that is related to the implementation of differentiated teaching and learning strategies as it relates to a pre-k classroom. Can anyone provide a couple of suggestions that would be a good topic area?

Podcast interview analysis and summary

I have attached a podcast interview for a class. The podcast interview comes from a professor at an IT school who is requiring his class to write questions about the interview and administer a test to students at a school. What I need to do is to create a summary for this assignment. Please help me create an outline for a su

Methods of instruction to help "lost" children.

Discuss a classroom situation where you, as the student, felt completely lost. Why did you feel this way? How could the teacher have changed the methods of instruction to help you learn better?