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Family & Community

Discuss how the family and community perception of young children and their education has changed over time. Why is it important for early childhood professionals to be aware of these historical events? Describe the contemporary family and its effect on the school setting. In your real-work experience, how do you address diff

Family & Community

Discuss the role of the community in the development and education of young children. Why is it significant for the community to believe that the well-being of society rest on the quality of care, health and education in the early years of life? What has your school done to involve the community toward positive support for ch

Nine major forms of benefits/services in the U.S. social welfare system.

Discuss three of the nine major forms of benefits/services in the U.S. social welfare system. For each of the three, give an example of when you believe that benefit or service would be positive and when it would be negative. Benefit/Service: 1)Material goods/commodities 2)Cash 3)Expert services 4)Positive discrimination

A supervisory case study is noted.

Kim Allred is relatively new as a supervisor, having been promoted only two months ago. Before her promotion, she had worked for the company for seven years as a sales specialist in office equipment. There is no doubt that she is a whiz at selling office equipment. Because of her accepted expertise in the field, it was natural

High/Scope Theory for Preschool Education

Select one age group (infants/toddlers, preschoolers, or school-aged children) and develop an Action Plan for Incorporating Play in the Classroom. Provide a description of how the overall plan supports the developmental needs of the age group. Ensure that selected materials and resources are free of cultural and gender bias an

Reality and fantasy, truth and propaganda

"The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda." ----- Michael Crichton How has your university education better prepared you to discern between "reality" and "fantasy." between "truth" and "propaganda?"

Remodeling an Outdoor Play Space

The outdoor play space that exists for your day camp was created in the early 1960's and has not been remodeled. The landscaping has been allowed to deteriorate and needs to be refurbished. You have $20,000 available to provide new equipment and landscaping. How will you create a magical and safe play environment? Discuss your c

Preschool - 5th Grade Day Camp

You are in charge of developing a summer day camp program for preschool through 5th- grade students. What indoor and outdoor materials would you include to develop a well-rounded program?

Dramatic Play in the Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Play in the Classroom You are preparing a dramatic play area in your 1st and 2nd grade multi-age classroom. How would you include props and materials to integrate as many curricular disciplines as possible? Choose 3 materials you've chosen and describe its potential use and application to your exit outcomes.

Grade Retention Thesis

I have to write a paper on grade retention and I need a thesis statement to start my paper off. Below is what I have to do. Also if you have any information on where I could find current articles about grade retention that would be great. State the focus of the paper in a short thesis paragraph that presents the major topic p

You are accompanying a primary-grade student to Disneyland.

Please help me with the following: You are accompanying a primary-grade student to Disneyland. During the visit, the child will be given opportunities to control danger, feel exhilaration, be terrified or anxious, and experience a sense of accomplishment. How and why does this affect the brain? *Yet another paper topic.

An open discussion about group culture is listed.

This posting describes a situation in which you, as a member of a group, someone you know, or a situation you witnessed, strongly disagreed with the actions of the group based on ethical grounds. Did you feel free to voice your opinion, or did you feel pressure to conform to the group? Explain whether or not you expressed your t

Applications of Cognitive Strategies

I need help with an outline for a 4 hour instructional design plan based on the attached outline. The parts I need help with are 1. At least two of the activities in the plan must reflect cognitive strategies from this list: framing, chunking, concept mapping, advance organizers, metaphor, rehearsal, imagery, and mnemonics.

Teaching beliefs are expressed.

These areas are considered: The principles that one believes are essential to effective teaching and learning that will guide in working as a teacher. In this statement, consider the following questions: What do you believe about children and how children learn? What do you believe about teachers and their role in children's

Ethical Leadership

Analyze the following ethical dilemma from the perspective of rationality and respect (Dilemma Tucker & Marcuson, 1998). A local nonprofit organization that networks with other service agencies in the area was designed to fill gaps in needed services for families. This agency has been in existence for several years and has gaine

Interview with a teaching professional

Please answer the following questions -- in your own words each answer should be about around 100 words. 1. What are some examples of typical, quick decision teachers make on a daily basis? 2. What are 5 most difficult school-related decisions you have made? Why were they difficult? 3. What was the impact of those d

Imagine that you are on a spelunking expedition.

Imagine that you are on a spelunking expedition. You have entered a cave and traveled deeper into the caverns for several hours. The group has entered a small room with only one entrance, the one used to enter the cavern. The entire group except for the leader has entered. As the leader crawls through the entrance, a cave-in

Shirley and Abdul both work for a software development company.

A Case Study on Conflict Management ________________________________________ Shirley and Abdul both work for a software development company. The manager of the new product division was originally the leader of the project team for which she interviewed and hired Abdul. Shirley, another project team member, also interviewed