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    ADA handicapped and sexual liability issues

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    1. Discuss the problems that might be associated with a male counselor providing services to a female client or vice versa. Are these valid concerns? Explain and provide options

    2. Discuss the issues of an agency offering accessibility to all clients (ADA). What would be the effect of the costs in retrofitting offices and buildings? Discuss how this would affect an agency from a financial perspective.

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    1) The issues of a male counselor providing services to a female client, or a famale counselor providing services to a male client, or in this day and age, even female-female or male-male (got to be fair) is the possibility of either person taking advantage of the doctor patient relationship in a sexual way. The same thing happens when a teacher has a student of the opposite sex ask for tutoring, or having to stay after school for a detention - the possibility is there that EITHER party will make inappropriate comments to the other of a sexual nature that are unwelcome and inappropriate. Since the two parties are alone with each other, there are no witnesses to corroborate which party initiated the unwelcome advances, and to verify which ...

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    Discussion of legal issues with providing private counseling services, and legal concerns of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act in the retrofit of an existing building to provide access to services for clients.