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EEOC - Managing Human Resources

NL&C has several disabled employees. In interviews with them, you gather that they feel they are not being treated fairly. You have never dealt with this situation before, so some benchmarking and discussion are a good idea.

You decide to do some research on the protections afforded employees under ADA. You want to create a work environment that is inclusive and offers appropriate accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Using the EEOC website on Employer responsibilities for ADA at:


Explain your understanding of the legal requirements for accommodation under ADA.
Identify 3 - 5 recommendations for NL&C to implement processes, safeguards or policies to ensure a workplace that is ADA compliant.

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My understanding, according to the website provided, of the legal requirements for accommodation under ADA are:

1. You cannot discriminate against an employee for any handicap that they might have.
2. You must provide reasonable accommodations for employees
3. Illegal to discriminate against an employee who ...

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This solution provides an explanation of employer responsibilities for ADA and recommendations for NL&C to implement.