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Bloom's Taxonomy of Questions and Learning

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1. Consider some of the rubrics you have seen throughout the years of teaching. Which ones (or elements of each) do you find effective and not effective? Why?

2. Come up with a question for each level of Bloomâ??s taxonomy on a VERY SPECIFIC topic within a business content area.

3. What kinds of performance assessments would be most appropriate in a business class? Give some specific types of assessments you, as a teacher, would give for particular lessons/projects.

4. How can performance assessments be used in conjunction with other types of assessments to measure student achievement? Give specific examples relevant to a business class.

5. Using the following simple rubric, assess the â??performanceâ? of a film you recently saw (in the theater or in the comfort of your own home J ). Put detailed comments in the appropriate boxes. (*I have attached the Chart*)

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Sample questions on the three domains of learning according to Bloom's taxonomy of learning. It also includes a discussion on assessment and the types of assessment foe a business class.

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