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EBD kids, issues with diagnosis

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To what extent should children with Emotional Behavioral Disorder be held accountable for their conduct? Why do biological factors have such great appeal as explanations of deviant behavior?

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Biological factors have great appeal as explanations for deviant behavior because the diagnosis removes personal responsibility, and places blame for poor attitudes and behavior upon the biological "explanation." Because I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) I don't have to buckle down and study anything I don't want to study, because I have a disorder. Because I have been diagnosed with an emotional disorder, I don't have to learn to control my outbursts, and I can behave in any fashion I get the impluse to behave as, because I am not responsible, I have a disorder.

The fact remains that if people choose to live among society, with other humans, there are acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, regardless of anyone's diagnosis of disorders. I have been diagnosed with ADD as an adult. It is clear from my personal history that I had this condition as a child, also. ...

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Discussion of how a diagnosis both helps and hunders an individual with emotional behavioral disorder develop control and coping strategies in order to become successful in society.