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African American males and Native American youth

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1. Discuss some of the reasons for the over-representation of African American males in prison. How do you think this trend can be reversed?

2. Discuss the issues related to the problems facing Native American youth who leave the reservation. In contrast, discuss the problems of Native Americans who choose not to leave the reservations.

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Question 1:
Info from: http://ronmull.tripod.com/racism.html
Why blacks contribute about half of all prison inmates when they are only 13 percent of the U.S. population is subject to much speculation. Some specialists blame poverty or lack of opportunity. Others say police concentrate in poor urban areas because street crimes such as drug dealing and armed robbery are more visible, and residents there demand more police protection

"The reason young men engage in criminal behavior is not just for money, it is to make a name for themselves, to have some expression of worth, even if that expression is self-destructive," he said.

Info from: http://capaassociation.org/newsletter_N009/Articles/PrisonCulture.htm
The criminal justice approach to drug use has contributed to the increasing numbers of African Americans that are subjected to the American criminal justice process. This increase can be attributed to a justice system that disproportionately incarcerates African Americans for drug law violations. Most of the people being locked up in American prisons are African American drug offenders.

Trend can be reversed: look at solutions to the reasons they are incarcerated.

Question 2:
Info from: http://www.uvm.edu/~vtconn/v22/maxwell.html
Upon entering a traditional college campus, one of the single most debilitating predicaments that Native American students encounter is a suffocating suppression of their familial and spiritual beliefs (Brown & Robinson Kurpius, 1997; Garrod & Larimore, 1997). Many Native Americans have an extended family network that is unlike the nuclear families that exist in traditional dominant culture today. At a young age, Native American children are permitted to make their own life decisions and are held responsible for their choices. In contrast to this early independence is a tribal viewpoint that honors group collaboration over the wants of the individual. Problems can arise ...

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Give information on some of the reasons African American males are over-populated in prison in American. Also discusses how Native American youth can be affected by leaving or not leaving the reservation.