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level of cognitive demand and context

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Discuss what level of cognitive demand and context is represented by a student who performs each of the following activities:

Reads for comprehension
Acts out a historical event
Points to items in the classroom
Writes short paragraphs
Watches a movie with academic content
Participates in a baseball game
Listens to a lecture on the atom

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You may research your texts in education to fundamentally analyze samples of beginning readers from PreK to 2nd grand, then you can see examples of stages of writing, which ultimately will tell you much about the students level of reading by stage. Also, you may take a look back at Blooms Taxonomy to see what is a more challenging stage for children as far as questioning and cognitive demand. These sources and those similar to them devoted to student comprehension are a starting point which you can ...

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The level of cognitive demand and context is determined for each classroom activity.