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Teaching and Learning Issues within a Cognitive Context

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Choose two of the current topics in education and address how you can use your knowledge of the cognitive processes to create innovative teaching-learning strategies for the following types of learners:

The distressed/stressed learner
Poverty, homelessness, and hunger effect education

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Acquiring knowledge is often a complex task that requires students to use a range of cognitive skills. The student's ability to retain information while processing new information is critical to increasing knowledge and skills. While most students are able to successfully gain and respond to new information during classroom instruction, some students struggle and may even fail to acquire new knowledge, in turn negatively impacting the outcome of instruction. There are new creative ways that teachers are presenting information for those learners that cannot process and retain information as quickly. The outcome of these innovative teaching strategies is turning a negative into a positive for students and teachers.

According to Watson and Gable (2011) the stressed ...

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