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Nursing clinical assessment tools

I need to instruments to use in evaluating nursing students in a clinical setting, and the importance, strengths, and weaknesses of using each instrument. i need at least three articles references from nursing scholarly, nursing peer-reviewed journals

Teaching Social & Relationship Skills K-8.

Resources (web sites,etc) to assist in naming social skills for elementary students and how they use these social skills are included, as well as why it is important to teach them.

Kinder curriculum

Just 100-150 words would be great on each question. Thanks. What are the goals and characteristics of an appropriate curriculum for the developmental needs at the kindergarten level? What are the roles of teacher, environment, play, and schedule in kindergarten curriculum?

Cultural diversity is overviewed.

This posting emphasizes how to promote positive attitudes in children towards cultural diversity. It helps to design an instructional strategy including resources, techniques, and activities to address and promote cultural diversity.

How is social insurance used to fund public programs?

How is social insurance used to fund public programs? What are the benefits and drawbacks of government funding? How are those benefits and drawbacks exhibited in social programs such as Medicare, unemployment insurance, and worker's compensation?

The roles of teachers is considered.

What are the roles of teachers, environment, play, schedule, planning lessons and assessment in quality preschool programs? Describe the roles of each.

Multicultural Education

Explain how multicultural education could address cultural differences and cultural bias in an educational setting. I need at least three academic sources.

This posting discusses cultural diversity.

These areas are explored: 1. Describe the concept of social diversity. Why is knowledge of different cultures significant for young children in the USA? How can cultural diversity be integrated into early childhood education curriculum, instruction and activities? Provide an example of an instructional strategy you or others

Parenting Skills

***Hi, below is the actual assignment for your understanding. What I need though is three ideas for a parenting skills education activity. I also need the links for these activities. Thanks so much.*** Parenting Skills Education Activities. Compile learning and social activities to promote participation and integration of

Infant and Toddler Activities

Describe activities that caregivers can plan that foster physical development in infants and toddlers? Describe activities that caregivers can plan that foster social and emotional development in infants and toddlers? **Please just your thoughts.** Thanks.

Why do you think the nurses are not motivated?

Based on the dialogue below answer the two following questions. You are the supervisor of nurses in the pediatrics section of a 700-bed hospital in a metropolitan area. You have been in your job for six months, having moved from a similar position in a much smaller rural hospital. You: I just can't seem to get my people to

Ideas about infant toddler curriculum development are offered.

These areas are covered: 1. What are the elements to be considered when developing curriculum models for infants and toddlers? Explain and describe each element. 2. What are the roles of caregivers, environment, play, routines, parents, planning lessons and assessment in quality infant and toddler curriculums? Describe

Decimals to Fractions

Please explain how to determine by just looking at a problem if it will be terminating or repeating for example. I need to be able to explain this and answer why? If terminating what place value does it terminate in? Why? If repeating what is the maximum number of digits in the repeating string it can have? Why? A. 0.4

Can you help me convert these decimals to fractions?

Try to write each of the following decimals as a common fractions. (a) 0.432 (b) 0.1 repeating = 0.111111..... (C)0.01 REPEATING = 0.0111111.... (D) 0.01 REPEATING = 0.010101010.... (E) 0.123 REPEATING = 0.123123123..... (F) 2.243 REPEATING = 2.243434343... (G) 0.939339333933339.... 2. Can all decimals

Elementary Health/Physical Education - The Why and How

An idea for a classroom program to raise children's awareness of the importance of healthy life choices and the effects of poor health choices is suggested. Inherited and environmental factors that might alter the normal course of child development are also discussed. Suggestions on how can this be implemented in a clas

The Constructivist theory of education is examined.

Taking either the constructivist theory of education or the behaviorist theory of education, describe your ideals for effective classroom management. Contrast each element of this paper with the opposite approach (behaviorist or constructivist) as you see it. Although you will most likely modify your views as you learn more abou

Why is the family considered the child's first and primary teacher?

1. Why is the family considered the child's first and primary teacher? Describe the families' responsibilities during their child's early years. Discuss the influences of positive family-child interactions on developmental and educational outcomes. 2. Children are enrolled in many different types of school environments:

Developing of an educational program in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Need only suggestion only on resources, references to get the info below (need research based & peer reviewed) On developing of an educational program in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program requirements which must include: a. an assessment of community needs for the program, b. identification of student prereq

Having trouble with balance sheets

Use the balance sheets of Sando shown below to calculate the following ratios for 2008 (round to the hundredths): (a) Current ratio. (b) Acid-test ratio. (c) Debt ratio. (d) Equity ratio. Sando Co. Balance Sheet Deceber 31, 2008 and 2007 Assets: Cash.........................