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Oral language

How are oral language competencies related to acquisition literacy? Give examples to support your answer

Literacy program components

Please assist me in answering the following questions: 1. What is the role of phonics, high-frequency words, syllabic analysis, and fluency in a reading program? 2. What are the best techniques, activities, and materials for teaching and reinforcing phonics, high-frequency words, syllabic analysis, and fluency? 3. How m

Classroom Management Models

Â?¢ Compare and contrast at least three models and discipline plans, and their implications on communication. Include: o Name of Model o Model Description o Theorist o How does this model function in the classroom? The three models that I chose are Dr. Harry Wongâ??s The Effective Teacher , Thomas Gordon Model of Cla

Teacher law

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the Washington, D.C., school district, has turned that school district upside down, including the release of 270 tenured teachers from their positions. Use the GCU eLibrary databases to research the changes she has made regarding teacher employment, evaluation, tenure, and dismissal. ii) Write an

Educational Goals

Over the decades, educational goals have targeted different groups of students, such as academically talented or at-risk students. Which group of students now seems to be the target of most educational goals? (why? please discuss... is this good, bad, indifferent?)

Please answer following question

Based on the attached scenario I need help answering following questions. The attachement shows the 1st grade scenario that I chose. The plan is basically the classroom, the students and the setup it is given. The questions are based on the scenario which is the 1st grade scenario. o Identify the planâ??s grade level. o

Assessing pre-schoolers

Please provide a brief summary of 3 assessment strategies that could be used in a differentiated pre-school classroom. Please include the reference link( for additional research)

Multiple intelligences in differentiated instruction

How can you incorporate multiple intelligences in a pre-school classroom? What influences do the theorites on mulitple intelligences have on differentiated instruction? What are some wasy to assess student's knowledge, interests, and background in the pre-school setting?

Research Test

Problem Statement The problem is that some teachers in inclusive regular education classrooms are failing to evaluate the efficacy of their lesson plansâ?? differentiated instruction (DI) of content, process, and product to meet their special populations groupsâ?? diverse learning needs appropriately; therefore, they are no

Argumentative help

I need to develop a thesis statement based on any evidence you gathered. Your personal opinion matters here but go farther by testing your opinions against evidence. In the introduction, talk about what topic that was chosen, the thesis and briefly mention how you intend to support the thesis. The background, what are some

Teacher and student progress

Think about the following questions: What is your role as a teacher? Direct instruction, facilitator? How can you be sure that students are ready to learn? What is your studentâ??s role? Will they be self-directed learners? What are some tips for students with regard to learning online? -What do teachers have to know di


Explain the importance of group work for English language learners in terms of language development and content learning and social development. What are advantages and disadvantages of collaborative groups?


Should the tenure system for teachers be maintained? Why or why not?

Job-Embedded Learning

Please explain the job-embedded learning. Please provide an example/ experience of designing job-embedded learning that can take place in Early childhood education? How does job-embedded learning relate to peer coaching?

Classification of EBD

Why is classification of EBD disorders important? In schools, what are the benefits and the disadvantages of students having a classification of EBD?

Serving English Language Learner

1. In many classrooms written expression is a common method used to assess subject matter knowledge. For an English Language Learner, written expression is often problematic and alternative methods such as speaking into a tape recorder, speaking to the teacher, or perhaps expressing their information in a pictorial form are exam

Article Summary - Assessment

Can someone please help me to find a good article on assessment, please list the website that you found the article from. Also can you help me to create an outline of what I should put into a summary of the article that was found.

Life Science- Science and Culture: An Uneasy Partnership

The tensions between science and culture extend far beyond disputes over evolution. In some cases, science and culture disagree on not just what is true, but how actions should be taken in the real world. The story of Kennewick Man is a perfect example of this. In 1996, while two tourists were visiting Kennewick, on the Colum

Podcast Interview

I have attached another podcast interview that I have found. Can someone please help me to create an outline of a summary and then as a teacher can you please critique this podcast, and list anything you would do differently.

Objective Test instructions to enable a teacher in any curriculum to produce a valid cross-section of questions, in diverse formats, to ascertain what a student knows and/or understands from materials covered prior to the test.

Can some help me create an objective test for a business class: The test must incorporate any type of questions: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and/or matching test items, and at least one essay. I am needing to administer this test to a class and write up an observation of how they reacted to the material. I

Five Questions

PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING IN DETAIL: 1. Consider some of the rubrics you have seen throughout the years of teaching. Which ones (or elements of each) do you find effective and not effective? Why? 2. Come up with a question for each level of Bloomâ??s taxonomy on a VERY SPECIFIC topic within a business content ar