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    classroom design influences a positive learning environment

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    Based on the attached scenario I need help answering following questions. The attachement shows the 1st grade scenario that I chose. The plan is basically the classroom, the students and the setup it is given. The questions are based on the scenario which is the 1st grade scenario.

    o Identify the planâ??s grade level.
    o What are the ways in which this design influences a positive learning environment?
    o Explain how your plan will assist in managing your classroomâ??s diverse and social dynamics.
    o How does your plan promote and maintain appropriate student behavior?

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    o As you list in what ways in which this design influences a positive learning environment, you might cite that the pods and centers promote strong examples of social learning, so cooperation and collaboration skills are embedded.

    Since movement is instigated with the plan, it allows for kinesthetic learning and brain stimulation, causing kids to remain more focused, more likely on task, and more energized by the movement and transitions.

    By allowing the large square shape to permeate, I feel like it embraces a family feel where togetherness is encouraged but also freedom is provided in the writing center station.

    Since the teacher's desk is ...

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    How does classroom design influence a positive learning environment? Brief ideas are posed.