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    Motivational Factors

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    The motivation to learn has a powerful effect on the success of a training event. The textbook outlines many factors that affect a learner's motivation. Select two environmental factors and describe each of them in short essay.

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    One of the factors affecting motivation to learn in a classroom environment is the instructional material that is being used by a teacher. Likewise, it is very important that learners in training events be trained to learn new skills with the use of actual technology and be presented with real life working environment so that there is applicability and transferability right after training sessions. The intrinsic willingness to learn something new and do it with a 'hands-on' type of training adds more spice to the actual teaching-learning process. Globalization is rapidly increasing and widening its scope. Organizations need to equip themselves with competitive organizational and individual competencies to cope up with the changing issues of global business environment. When the participants understand the essentiality of learning as one of the solutions that can strategically address ...

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    The solution lists and describes two environmental factors that can motivate learners in training events. References are included.