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Motivation and Motivational Theory

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To motivate someone, match a motivational theory that will identify what makes that person tick. After identifying this person's motivational characteristics, you should be able to motivate this person. Using yourself as an example, do you feel these theories work to motivate you, or is there a better way you can be motivated? Explain your answer.

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There are a number of different views on how to motivate people. Taylor felt that workers are motivated primarily by pay, Mayo felt that people are motivated by having their social needs met, Maslow felt that people are motivated by different needs, depending upon which level they fall into on the hierarchy ...

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This solution discusses if motivational theories work to motivate a person, or if there is a better method. Examples are included.

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Motivational Theories

I need help with the following:
- Literature of four to five articles that document corporate initiatives based on motivator theories. Critique these articles (for instance, examine and evaluate the appropriateness of the initiatives) and prepare a literature review.
Also, using the information from the research for the literature review, create a report, two to three pages in length, on the most applicable motivation techniques for an organization with poor morale. Also include a rationale for your recommendations in the form of citations, examples, footnotes, and/or appendices.

Here are the criteria that this needs to follow:
-Located articles of different organizations that adequately represent corporate initiatives of the 21st Century
-Provided critiques by considering the effectiveness of the initiatives in the long run
-Created a literature review using the selected articles
-Prepared a report on the motivation techniques that can be used in the selected organization
-Provided rationale for the recommendations for motivational techniques in the form of citations, examples, appendices, etc.
-Exhibited a high degree of integrity, avoiding plagiarism
-Free of grammar, usage, and mechanics errors

Motivational Theories and Motivational Techniques of Employers:
Literature review of four to five articles that document corporate initiatives based on motivator theories. Perhaps these motivational theories are Motivator-Hygiene Factors Theory and Need-Hierarchy Theory. Perhaps motivational techniques will include monetary benefit, flexibility in work schedule, etc.

Recommendation for the most applicable motivational technique for an organization with poor morale.

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