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Michelle Rhee and Washington, DC's schools

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the Washington, D.C., school district, has turned that school district upside down, including the release of 270 tenured teachers from their positions. Use the GCU eLibrary databases to research the changes she has made regarding teacher employment, evaluation, tenure, and dismissal.

ii) Write an essay explaining Ms. Rhee's use of the law to justify her actions. Give your perspective as to whether or not Ms. Rhee's actions were justified and what the impact was on students and schools.


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This attached document is copied and pasted below for you. I used three of the recommended reference sources in this beginning essay - what quotes might you use from the fourth reference to include? - or perhaps you will want to search the Web for a more current article than 2008 that evaluates Rhee's policies and their impact upon Washington's low-performing schools. In the two years since Rhee took over, how has the school district improved (or not improved) under her leadership? This would be an excellent point to include to help "flesh out" your essay with the additional three hundred or so words needed to reach your goal.

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The primary difficulty with turning around a low-performing school is that it is not simply a matter of getting rid of some poor teachers. There are a complex blend of problems a low-performing school must address in order to improve student performance, and removing the poor teachers that every school has is not always the solution, although it can certainly be a first step. Michelle Rhee, the newly appointed administrator of the Washington, D.C. School district, one of the poorest-performing school districts in the nation, has used the tactic of getting rid of ...

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Mini-essay example on Michelle Rhee's impact upon the Washington DC low-performing school district, and her controversial plans to eliminate tenure and impose pay-for-performance.