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    trigonometry word problem to solve for distance

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    In the land of Lilliputian, Michelle and Sean was boat riding of the coast of Coackatoo. Well, they almost ran into the buoy and ended up capsizing their boat. The rescue team came to rescue them but they could only fly over the buoy. But Michelle and Sean were floating quite a distance away from the buoy with Michelle closest to the buoy. Michelle saw the rescue team at an elevation of 25.7 degrees, while Sean who had tried out swimming towards Michelle but was still 380 yards away from Michelle. He looked at the rescue team with an elevation of 14.6 degrees. How far Michelle is from the buoy, how high was the rescue team and how long was the rope that they had to throw to Sean?

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    This solution contains step-by-step calculations and instructions to determine how far Michelle is from the buoy, the height of the rescue team and the length of the rope.