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    Expungement of juvenile records

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    What are Tennessee's laws concerning the expungement and use of juvenile convictions to sentence them as an adult?

    Give an overview of expunged records for juveniles, its importance and the reasoning for it being necessary.

    Outline the article of the National Gang Center Bulletin for November of 2010. Give an overview that includes facts, statistics and recommendations for combating gang activity.

    The National Gang Center Bulletin for November of 2010 (5)
    By: Michelle Arciaga, Wayne Sakamoto, and Errika Fearbry Jones

    Hello here are a few questions I need direction with. I do need references I understand you are not going to write the answers.

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    In Tennessee, laws concerning expungement require that a petition alleging delinquency was not filed, the proceedings were dismissed after a petition for delinquency was filed, the juvenile was determined by court not be a delinquent, or the juvenile was charged with felony and adjudicated not be delinquent but his fingerprint records were kept till 18 years. If any of these conditions is fulfilled the person can sign a statement as required under the Tennessee Order for the Expungement of Criminal Offender Record. Even if all the requirements are fulfilled if the record of the juvenile lists sexual or violent sexual offense, the record cannot be expunged.

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    The juvenile records are expunged once a person reaches seventeen or eighteen years of age. This means records are sealed or hidden from public and cannot be accessed. The rationale is the offender enters into adult life with no visible record from the past delinquent acts prior to being the age of eighteen. Juvenile expungement is not considered if the offense is committed ...

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