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    Podcast on Student Grade Reporting

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    Summarize and critique this podcast - an interview with Connie Mazza. Also note further questions that you might ask Connie as a teacher yourself.

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    Grading System
    (An interview with Connie Mazza)

    1. How has student reporting/grade reporting changed?

    ...before, keypunch operators loaded the card into the system...now, with a software, teachers have the access and enter the grade directly; it begins with individual assignments and developing the system either with the total points or average for different types of assignments that would go with any type of software to maintain the accuracy of the grade.

    2. How important is it for the teacher to have accurate record as far as grading...

    It should start with the lesson plans...teachers should maintain accurately the record of what they taught; what students have missed...it would be more critical if done personally... now with the software, it becomes more obvious during the marking period...parents have access to the record...teachers should be accurate during the marking period and not wait for the grading period...once the marking period is over and the grades are posted, it becomes their responsibility when to maintain or change the grade.

    (Changing grades is not easy...)

    ...there are software securities and processes a teacher should go through in changing the grade ...

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    A transcription of a podcast on the importance of grade reporting. It includes items which are being looked into in a student grade report.