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Special Education - Annual goals and learning expectations for a gifted student

Brian is a Grade 3 student who is gifted. Intelligence tests have shown that Brian functions at a Grade 6 level in all subjects. He frequently acts out in class because he is not being challenged, and as a result has few friends. Biran also shows a strong interest in reading. Brian lives in a fly-in aboriginal community where there are few resources and a gifted program is not available

What would be some examples of annual goals and learning expectations (for each goal) that would be listed on the IEP for a student like Brian??

Thank you for your help

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This is an interesting case, but the one thing to always remember is that just because a school does not have a gifted program, that does not mean that the student cannot be challenged by a higher level of curriculum.

Because Brian lives in an aboriginal community, there are probably elders in the community who could also help in his education. There could be activities set up outside of normal school hours to further his education, such as visiting local historical monuments and reading about them and then reporting to the class. Because he has energy to burn, this is a positive way to cure the boredom and advance his intellect.

In terms of an IEP, goals and ...