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    Group Homogeneity: Research Review

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    This solution briefly discusses the importance of values and ideologies on homogeneity within and between groups. It includes references for future inquiries.

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    In the first place, when discussing the importance of values and ideologies on homogeneity within and between groups, experts summarize how members' own personal goals are vital, as evident in the article:

    Wosnitza, M., & Volet, S. (2012). Group Heterogeneity and Homogeneity in Personal Content Goals for a Group Learning Activity: Impact on Individual Appraisals. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 61(4), 585-604 20p.

    In fact, goals offer a source of and directive function for motivation among group members and to ensure cohesion within the team (Wosnitza & Volet, 2012, p. 585). Values in terms of significant social and well-being goals are also critical in teams and for fostering a sense of unity.

    Values are also examined in this article. The writers strongly conclude that within homogeneous groups, "students with high-level goals who ...

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    500 words of scholarly articles briefly summarize the topic of values and ideologies for homogeneous groups.