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Student/Teacher Growth

Think about the following questions: What is your role as a teacher? Direct instruction, facilitator? How can you be sure that students are ready to learn? What is your studentâ??s role? Will they be self-directed learners? What are some tips for students with regard to learning online?

-What do teachers have to know differently? Do differently? How can teachers know that they are doing a good job?
-What do students have to know differently? Do differently? How can students know that they are doing a good job?

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? Teachers often focus solely on getting their job done. It becomes a job of paper, e-mails, completing report cards. Somewhere between student teaching and years of actually teaching, the true purpose of a teacher becomes lost. A teacher must begin to focus on the student as a learner and not themselves as an educator. It is not about being teacher of the year or being recognized for an award. Being a teacher is about helping a student succeed where he/she may have thought they never could.

? With all this said, a teacher needs to know how to teach effectively without losing sight of their students' needs. A teacher needs to understand their students--whether it be a kindergarten child striving to read or a college student struggling to become a nurse. Once a teacher knows and understands their students' needs and goals is when they can begin to teach effectively.

? This takes me to our next point: Teachers need to teach to their specific learners. If a young student is interested in the football team more than math then the teacher may need to take the time to in cooperate some football ...

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How students know they are doing well in the classroom and how teachers know they are doing well in their profession.