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Developing a Plan for Using Portfolios in Class

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A. Develop a written plan for how you might develop the use of portfolios in your classroom. What kind of portfolio would you use? What would it look like? What would it contain? How would students be involved?

B. Describe your current conference format. Develop a plan for involving students in the conference to share their learning. What would you like to try? What will be the role of students, parents, and teacher?

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In the English /Language Arts classroom, one of the most effective types of portfolios would be a cumulative portfolio of written work. The portfolio would be a physical paper portfolio in a manila folder that houses all of the written products a student produces throughout the semester or academic year. In the front cover of this folder, there would be a Table of Contents that lists all of the products within the writing portfolio with the dates that they were due. This would allow anyone who reviews the portfolio, including the student, to see when each piece was created and to note growth over time. All of the work ...

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