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Learning & Teaching

Elementary reading and decoding skills are modeled.

This job cites a detailed plan to teach work identification skills or strategies. It then chooses a book or story that contains words that will be suitable as big words for the skills or strategies you want to teach (4th,5th & 6th graders). It then describes what you will do and say to teach the skills and strategies that ar

Educational Psychology

Develop a plan whereby you would integrate a part of each of the theorists (Piaget, Kohlberg, Gilligan) into your classroom environment. Be certain to use knowledge from the text. Consider the age group of students (4th, 5th. & 6th) you are teaching and indentify which of Erickson's strages of development your students will

The Domains of Curriculum Studies

Here is the complete explanation that I need to get started. Describe why the study of curriculum history is important to educators. Research and describe the curriculum history of a nation other than the United States. Apply what you have learned about the relationship between culture and curriculum and explain what you

This posting overviews elementary reading and decoding.

This posting overviews elementary reading and decoding. Based on the Deford Theoretical Orientation to Reading Profile, it aids with writing a belief statement, then developing a set of principles to guide your instructional decision-making.

Curriculum History is explored.

This posting examines the curriculum history of Norway as far back as possible. It also looks at the relationship between culture and curriculum explain what are the ideological components of Norway's curriculum development and changes. Finally, using the history and nature of curriculum, it explains what the future may hold fo

Curriculum history is examined.

This thorough solution encompasses various aspects about curriculum and understanding curriculum history. These areas include: 1. Ideology - What is of most value to learn? 2. Change - What needs to be changed in the curriculum and why? 3. Stability - Is the curriculum stable or under change? 4. What evidence fr

Courseware authoring is related to student assessment.

Can courseware-authoring assessment tools provide for formative and summative evaluations of students? What is the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of courseware-authoring assessment tools in the design and development phase of the ISD System Design Model? These questions are posed.

VRIs are explained.

This posting classifies VRI using the Boston Consulting Group's strategic planning matrix.

Cybrary Research is presented.

This job helps to give ideas about how to research various methods of student assessment using the Cybrary, Internet, and any other resources at your disposal.

Transfer of Learning

Part 1 I need to transfer the knowledge of Bloom's Taxonomy and measurable verbs to an outcome creation activity. I cannot measure "understand," "know," and "demonstrates an understanding." Based on the area of interest and/or expertise, I need to prepare a paper that provides academic support and appropriate in-text cita

Computer Mediated Learning Enviornments

I have two questions that I need help on. Here is the first one. I need help in describing two applications of self-conatined, computer-mediated learning modules, such as CD ROM-based modules for business training. Here is the last one. What issues or opportunities in our enviornment might be usefully addressed through

Problem Analysis Paper: Efficiency of the Staff

Problem Analysis Paper In the paper, include a clear and concise problem statement and address the following: a. How did you become aware that there was a problem? b. What goals, objectives, and tools/techniques did you use to frame the problem? Mrs. Kenia has been feeling as though she is constantly behind in the

Meditation, Mnemonics, Key Word Method & Imagery

I'm having a really hard time understanding Meta-cognition. I need help on explaining the four types of learning listed below. What it represents and then discuss if it is a long /short term memory tool. Is it meant to help w/large or small amounts of data and lastly the format of the style being used. Samples to use: Me

Scenario question

You have a student that consistently does not finish classroom work, even though she is capable. You have tried encouraging her, giving her extra rewards for work completed, and contacting her parents. When the student is confronted about unfinished work, she reacts in a hostile way. This may include everything from arguing w

Using "Mistaken Goals" to Create Student Sense of Belonging

Gary is a new student to Ms. Adams fifth grade classroom. He appears uninteresed in what is going on. He has already shown aggressive behavior towards other students, and Ms. Adams feels threatened by his "I'm in charge" attitude and refusal to work. Using "mistaken goals" what strategies can you come up with that might assis

Assertive Discipline question

A new student has arrived in your classroom. Although it's only the student's first day in your room, you get the feeling that he "is going to be a handful." He seems disinterested in what you have to say, and has already disrupted surrounding students by visiting. QUESTIONS: What aspects of Assertive Discipline could y

Existentialism teaching philosophy

I have to do a presentation on Existentialism, but for the presentation we have to act out a 3-5 min skit on how an existentialist classroom is run/like. I am finding it a little confusing and therefore having a very difficult time coming up with an idea for a skit or scenario to perform to show existentialism. an idea would h

Reflection on education

I'm in a cohort system of education for adults returning to college, we have been asked to write about two major ideas that will impact our thinking that we got as we went through our courses. I could Appreciate some consise and specific pointers as to what write .Drawing blanks!!!!!

Analyzing Data

I am the history department chair for a suburban high school. My department has been conducting an analysis of student learning outcomes based on the application of web-based learning tools in concert with traditional face to face classrooms. During the course of the past year, my department conducted four identical history cour

Assessing Learning

I need the assistance using the ADDIE model here's the problem. For this part of your instructional design, you are responsible for the following tasks: Design an assessment/evaluation strategy & plan. Explain how the plan provides evaluation across the full scope of your instructional design project and process. Expl

Complete the analysis phase for this part of your instructional design

I need assistance and explanation on how to complete an analysis, not a lesson. The problem is needed the learning environment the learners then the tasks and objectives then have them classified to the Bloom Taxonomy and Gagne's type. Here is the posting: Complete the analysis phase for this part of your instructional desi

Structure the Learning

I'm really having a serious problem with this assignment. I need assitiance on how I can develop a lesson guide for the teacher. Here is the problem. I need help on developing this problem with the ADDIE model. Here's the problem. For this part of your instructional design, you are responsible for the following tasks:

Quality Children's Story Book & Webbing

See the attached file. 1. If you were to choose choose one of the interest topics below. How would you locate a quality children's story book that is about the topic you have chosen and create a web based on the book using at least 4 learning centers in your development of ideas. 2. How would you include a listing of voca