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The Four Co-Teaching Approaches

Describe which of the four co-teaching approaches that you would be most comfortable with. How would this approach be useful in your classroom? What would be the benefits? What would be the drawback? Have you had any experiences with these approaches?

Tools for Differentiated Instructional Strategies

Describe at least three instructional tools that you feel would be beneficial in a differentiated classroom. In your posting, describe whether these tools are grounded in research. Using ProQuest, provide a link or reference to support your response. Cite any experiences you have had in using these tools

Case Study in Educational Discipline

In Ms. Brown's seventh-grade English class, she has a problem with Sarah, Jessica, and Samantha. They seem to feel that they should be able to talk at their convenience during class time. Ms. Brown allows time for activities where students can talk since she is very aware of this need among junior high students. Therefore, sh

Ideal Classroom

As a teacher, describe your ideal classroom. How does this "ideal" classroom promote effective classroom management?

Teacher input

Describe the impact that parental support has on student behavior and achievement. How would you prepare for a parent/teacher conference?

Classroom management procedures

Please help with the following problem. As a teacher please explain to me a classroom management procedure or brief activity, that you have created and performed with students in the classroom. Consider the classroom management issues involved. Please prepare a reflective paper on the experience that you had when performing

Five Developmental Stages of Spelling

List/describe the five developmental stages in spelling. How can I use these stages to justify to parents the use of invented spelling in lower level grades?

Computers in a Classroom

Can someone help me find 2 articles related to management of computers in the classroom and computer lab and explain to me why they are of interest to you as a teacher?


What are the most important components of an appropriate educational program for students with mental retardation?Why are they most important?

Conduct an internet search for 3 websites related to classroom management

Conduct an internet search for 3 websites (not articles) related to classroom management. Prepare an annotated bibliography that includes the URL for each website. Please provide 2 detailed paragraphs for each website. The first should summarize the website and the second needs to tell me why it is beneficial to you as a teach

How do you assess your students' knowledge, interests, and background?

How do you assess your students' knowledge, interests, and background? Post an example of an instrument that you have used to assess students' characteristics. Provide a reference or link to the assessment. In your posting, describe how you have used the information in making instructional decisions.

Glasser's Theory

Case 1: Kristina Will Not Work Kristina, a student in Mr. Jake's class, is quite docile. She socializes little with other students and never disrupts class. However, despite Mr. Jake's best efforts, Kristina never does her work. She rarely completes an assignment. She is simply there, putting forth no effort. How would Glas

Describe your own educational philosophy

Please help with the following education problem. Describe your own educational philosophy in terms of its metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic. Provide at least 400 words in the solution.

Educational philosophy

Describe how you would implement your educational philosophy in the classroom and what educational theories would be evident.

What are performance assessments?

What are performance assessments and how can they be used in the classroom? In a clinical setting? Online? Indicate why some performance assessments can be used in a classroom or clinical setting, but not in an online environment.

Community Influences on Multicultural Education

You have been assigned to a new school site in a culturally diverse neighborhood. Create a plan of action to make sure families and the community is valued in your classroom or worksite. What will you do?

Leadership and ethics

Q1. Provide your personal definition of ethics. How important of a role should ethics play in decision making within a security organization? Should security organizations be evaluated on the extent to which they make ethical decisions? Explain. Q2. Define leadership. Do men and women differ in their leadership approaches? Ex

Diversity with the community

Identify factors that can build successful bridges between an educational setting and the community. describe how these may impact the community. how can teachers become a multicultural person?

Diverse Backgrounds

How do educators meet the needs of students from culturally/linguistically diverse backgrounds? I've given six specific ways I help my CLD students.