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Learning & Teaching


Do you think that a therapist should be an active participant in the treatment of his or her clients? Why or why not? Please provide sources to support your choice.

Reinforcement types are emphasized.

What is the difference between postive and negative reinforcement? In your opinion is either effective? Why or why not?? Please provide two examples and references that support you choice.

Instructional strategies

Choose an instructional strategy related to science and math delivery (e.g., cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, small group exploration, experiments, and technology). Write paper with a minimum of two sources. Provide a justification for your chosen strategy. Why do you believe this strateg

Grant proposals guidelines

Discuss sample grants and guidelines that would provide for a model of my action research project which is improving negative behavior in my fourth grade class at xyz elementary school.

Select and analyze a curriculum theory

Can you help me get started with this assignment? In this assignment you will select and analyze a curriculum theory. A curriculum theory is a set of principles or suppositions intended to guide the design, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction. Using the Library, unit resources, and the Internet, selec


What is meant by this expression "A proposal must demonstrate a 'fit' with the institution's mission?" and how might you go about ensuring a grant proposal?

How to improve negative behavior in elementary school...

Action research project is how to improve negative behavior in my classroom of fourth grade students and also in elementary school. Provide three examples of some stakeholder groups that would be interested in this project and the reasons for your choices. For example (stakeholder group may be parents or students, other te

Traditional & reformed teaching of math and science

How have the reform movements impacted teaching mathematics and science? Write your response in a paper and include the differences between traditional teaching and current practices in mathematics and science?

Advantages and disadvantages of having a senior instructor

Need help with the following: What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a senior instructor? ***Please answer in own words if you use references please provide in text and reference at the bottom. Thank you your help is greatly needed!!

Explain core training, collateral training, and career training.

Can you please help with the following: Training departments are beginning to fulfill the needs of life-long learners in three important areas: core training, collateral training, and career training. How might each pertain to your current and future situation? A. Core training: the skill and knowledge that is requ

Dr. Harry Wong's Presentation

Reflect back to a presentation you witnessed as an audience member on education. Was the speaker effective? Why or why not? What could have made the presentation more effective? example Harry Wong an educator.

Educational paradigms

Respond to the following questions: 1. Which paradigm best describes your current learning organizational environment? Why? Provide an example. 2. How does your organizational paradigm affect your assessments and measurement of student learning? 3. On a personal level, which paradigm do you feel most represents your

Learning disabilities case: Alex, elementary school student

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Alex is attending a new elementary school and is nervous about meeting new friends and having new teachers. She thinks that the school work at her new school seems much harder than at her other school. Although she had some difficulties at her old school, these problems seem t

Links to Five Historic Images

Activity choice and development · Children's familiarity with idea of chronology · Five historical pictures chosen according to criteria · Women and Minorities represented · Activity sequence element incorporated 25 points Session development: Begin the session by as

Transformative Learning Theory

The final research paper should identify, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate an Adult Education theory. The research paper must include the origins of the theory you have chosen, the theorists and history of development, and show how others in the field have questioned it, adjusted it, and how it has changed over time. Transfo

Use of Multi-Sensory Methods for Teaching Young Children

Write an educational and informative article on a topic that effects a child's learning and environment for informing, orienting, and educating. Include instructional activities for kindergarten children and present analysis to kindergarten child's family.