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The ideal classroom

As a teacher, describe your ideal classroom. How does this "ideal" classroom promote effective classroom management?

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The ideal classroom would be one where you would walk into the room and see 4-5 tables instead of rows of desks for students to sit in. This would enable more hands-on activities. It would also enhance social interactions among students and let teachers move easily across the classroom.

On one side of the room there would be a well stocked library center with a variety of books on different subjects and of different genres. There would be a rocking chair and a colorful rug or mat for children to sit on during read-alouds. The teacher's desk would be near the library center in the back of the room instead of the front of the room to help make the classroom more comfortable for students. There would also be 2-3 bean bag chairs for students to sit in during independent reading time if they wish. In the back of the classroom there would be 4-5 computers with Internet access so that students can go online to play various learning games during center time. In some parts of the room for early grades especially, there would be some stuffed animals and other toys displayed to make the room more comfortable for students. In the math center there would be a colorful calendar ...

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This solution provides an opinion of what the ideal classroom should be and discusses how such a classroom would be conducive to effective classrom mangement.