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Learning & Teaching


Is there a difference between education and training? How does corporate training differ from academic education with respect to the requirements of a distance education delivery system? How does corporate training differ from academic education with respect to the requirements of a distance education delivery system? What

Preparing for a lecture

What steps do you take to organize a lecture for a class? What are five areas that your objectives can be focused? Describe the planning process and tips on how to give a good texture.

Active Learning

Why is Active Learning Important? What are the assumptions underlying the notion of active learning?


You have been a successful trainer for several years. Typically your audience has been small, focused groups. Presentation tools that you have used are handouts, visuals, and white boards. An international group has acquired your company and you will now be responsible for training thousands of employees in multiple locations. T

Writing Essays at Certificate and Diploma Level

I am undertaking a course of study leading to a certificate in 'Tutor Training in Adult Literacy' at Waterford Institute of Technology, in Ireland. I would appreciate guidelines on essay writing and project work at this level. Last term I did a pilot module at Diploma level called Family Learning in the same course at and woul

Bell Shaped-Curve and Effect Size

What is meant when we say that student test scores are distributed in a bell curve? How is effect size interpreted in terms of instructional design and practice?

Step-by-step ointers for writing essays

This provides students helpful pointers and examples when writing scholarly essays. It offers a complete explanation to the steps involved in constructing an essay plus there are specific examples to help guide students through the process. What are some good pointers for writing essays?

Coaching Elite Athletes

I am a qualified soccer coach working at a professional club. I am looking to find a edge that will improve me as a coach and as a person. What knowledge and skills should I acquire to become an expert coach? Of all the different abilities COACHING requires, which do you feel would contribute the most to my knowledge and skil

The Relationship between Phonemic Awareness and Reading

What is phonemic awareness and how does it relate to learning to read? Why is this concept important to early childhood educators? What implications does this concept have for the best type of reading instructions? Include a brief discussion of "the phonics versus whole language" controversy.

Classroom Management: Facilitative Communication

Exemplary classroom management involves creating and sustaining healthy relationships, helping students make healthy choices for themselves and respecting the needs of everyone in the group. What can a teacher do to facilitate communication that conveys to the student deep understanding and concern?