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Muslim cultures

What may be done to maintain the American guarantees of religious freedom and increase knowledge about Muslims and Arabs?

Proactive Classroom Management Plan

Often in the class setting, disruptive student behavior can be controlled or even eliminated with a proactive classroom management plan. What guiding principle of a proactive management plan do you believe is the most important? Why? Justify your answer by using personal examples and citing in-text references.

Media Influences on Youth

The media has a tremendous influence on today's youth. Often, negative media images influence negative behaviors in students. With this in mind, describe how a current event and its media portrayal may influence student behavior and management in the classroom. Justify your answer by using personal examples and citing in-text

Can you answer these questions?

Q3. What are some of the potential pitfalls of using employee empowerment as a motivational device in the workplace? What is your opinion about employee recognition? Can it be overdone? Explain. Can an individual be too motivated, so that his or her performance declines as a result of excessive effort? Explain. Q4. What a

Health care questions

Q1. What tools and techniques do health care organizations use to empower their staff? How do they ensure the tools and techniques they are using are implemented effectively? Q2. How would you empower yourself as a leader when there is a negative morale and resistance from staff?

fifth graders developmentally

Please help me to understand how children in an elementary school might describe student development in the following categories; Physical, Cognitive/Intellectual, Emotional and Social.

Linda Howard's discussion about racism and prejudice

Using this quote: "Prejudice and discrimination then, are not just personality traits or individual psychological dysfunctions; they are also a manifestation of economic, political, and social power." Discuss the differing view of prejudice and discrimination using Linda Howard's discussion about racism and prejudice


Q1. Think about four different groups of people: Senior managers, middle managers, non managerial workers, and customers. How do you think each of these groups perceives your organization's culture? Why the differences? Q2. What are the three most important factors shaping your expectations of work? What are the implication

Please answer both questions

What are some examples of a graphic organizer? How could it be used in a lesson? Do you have any specific lesson examples you would like to share? Why must you master a variety of instructional strategies? What difficulties might teachers face when differentiating instruction?

Learning styles and instructional methods

You have been assigned to teach a group of students about a topic related to models of behavior change. The students within the group display learning styles that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Compare two technological instructional methods or materials for this topic and this group of students in their abilities

Discussion of the Chinese religion of Buddhism.

Can you help me start this assignment for my presentation on the Chinese religion as my topic? Origins and Historical Development Aspects of the Divine Sacred Texts Sacred Persons Ethical Principles Sacred Space Sacred Time Death and the Afterlife The other points will be as follows: Handout for the

Cosmological Human Person Meanings

I need some help anwering these questions... Cosmological question: What is the human person? Cosmological question: What is the meaning, the aim of our life? Cosmological question: What is moral good, what sin? Cosmological question: What is suffering and what purpose does it serve? Cosmological question: Which is the r

English Language Learners Plan

Please help... Develop a plan to implement a new support program for English Language Learners in your school or work setting. In your plan, define the program objectives and describe the kind of assistance the students will receive.

Narration Used by Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Ellison, and Welty

Explain why Hemingway's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" and Fitzgerald's "Babylon Revisited" can in some ways be considered autobiographical. How does each writer look at the concept of redemption? Explain the importance point of view has in Ellison's "A Party Down at the Square" and Welty's 'Why I Live at the P.O." How does

Vygotsky's Theory

Using Vygotsky's theory, explain how a classroom teacher would assist a child to succeed in the following areas: reading, social interaction, and play.

One person can help affect policy changes

Do you think one person alone can make a difference? Give an example of how advocacy or mediation has helped to change social policy. Please give me a reference if you have one Thank you

Prejudice and Expectations

Please help Choose one of the following statements. List reasons why you support or disagree with the statement. Include current research and cite a minimum of two appropriate references. *All Americans should be the same. *Schools should require students to learn to speak English before they receive instruction in any

The modern school movement

I have attached a short story about the first modern school movement, Freinet and Daniel. Please assist me in explaining how this is applicable to today's schooling, and how could this be applied in preschool or kindergarten.

School acheievement

Please help rewrite this according to the question How are they relevant to understanding school achievement or achievement within your work setting? What are the critiques? How do Nieto and Bode suggest incorporating these theories? answer Deficit Theory: This theory was popular in the 1960s and stated that

Nuture vs Nature in Developing Good Students

Help reword this statement Heather Kim has conducted research that has found that South Asian students are very successful in U.S. schools. She found that children of parents who had college degrees or higher performed best on tests. I do agree with her findings. The high schools in the district that our daughter attends are

Instructional Technologies for language-delayed students

For my final project I will be writing on "Computers and communication aids in the classroom for children w/language delays. Can you assist me with a list of tools that would fall into this catagory? Also additional information such as the purpose, intended audience and cost to the program would be greatly appreciated.

Instructional Tools and Technology

Please describe the strengths and weakness of the Assistive Technology device "Boardmaker". What are benefits in the instructional setting of a pre-k classroom when used with language delays?