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Assistive tech & devices for language-delayed students

For my final project I will be writing on "Computers and communication aids in the classroom for children w/language delays. Can you assist me with a list of tools that would fall into this catagory? Also additional information such as the purpose, intended audience and cost to the program would be greatly appreciated.

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Assistive technologies for language-delayed children are many and numerous, thank goodness!

One such helper is interactive storybook software. These are computer software programs, usually on CD-ROM, that contain children's stories. The software program will display the story pages in turn, and read aloud the text that is on each page. Children can read along, or just listen. They can replay pages, back up or proceed. Also, some programs have interactive "hot spots" on the story pages. This means when the child uses the mouse and clicks on one of the object pictures on the page, a hyperlink is activated, and the program will perform a function such as naming the object (tree, dog, house) or will provide some background information (this is Joey's tree house, this is Joey's dog, Spot), or some other interactive function. These inexpensive programs help children to view and listen to stories, hearing language that is properly formed and seeing the text associated with the sounds. This approach is the foundation to the "whole language" theory of learning ...

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