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Cosmological questions.

I need some help anwering these questions...

Cosmological question: What is the human person?
Cosmological question: What is the meaning, the aim of our life?
Cosmological question: What is moral good, what sin?
Cosmological question: What is suffering and what purpose does it serve?
Cosmological question: Which is the road to true happiness?
Cosmological question: Which is the road to true happiness?
Cosmological question: What, finally, is that ultimate inexpressible mystery which encompasses our existence: from where do we come, and where are we going?

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You may, of course, edit this in any way that you like to more closely comply with whatever you are required to use for your course or college. ALSO - please add thoughts that occur to you as you read these suggested beginnings for each of the questions listed here, to add your own views, voice and personality to this paper. This is NOT a completed paper, it is a suggested beginning for you!

Cosmological Questions
Cosmological questions are those that cause most persons to scratch their heads and look up to their right, as though consulting a deity floating slightly above their heads. This might be a true assessment, as cosmological questions are those which address the true foundation of meaning and life - including one's ideas about deity. "What's it all about, Alfie?" What does it all mean, and where is my place and what is the ultimate meaning in this grand scheme that we call our brief existence upon this speck floating in the cosmos? These questions, and more importantly, their answers, reveal the essential nature and philosophy of the person answering them, for good or bad. Therefore, this discussion will embark upon my personal self-revelation as I consider these questions and their resultant answers.

Cosmological question: What is the human person?

Apart from the obvious, that a human person is a living being, this question appears to imply that there are persons who are not human. This might indicate a person with the absence of that mental, internal spirit, conscience or soul that makes a living being human. It is quite clear from the atrocities that some persons commit with nary a qualm of conscience that there do exist living persons who do not qualify as human by any stretch of the imagination. Then there are legal considerations of what constitutes a human person, questions that range from when life begins, to when life ends. The mating of a sperm and egg would appear to be when life begins, but many legal definitions do not recognize a person as a person until they are actually born. This raises complicated questions regarding personhood, especially considering that the fetus can survive (with medical help) long before the time for it to be naturally born. Also - these legal considerations address when a person is no longer alive, even though their body lives (with medical help). When is a person "gone?" When that mental, internal spirit is gone, or when the body no longer functions, on its own or with assistance? It is my personal belief and conviction that a human person is "state your own idea or definition here", and add additional comments to this question to reach your page requirement.

Cosmological question: What is the meaning, the aim of our life?
The meaning of life is a very personal and intimate thing, and varies from individual to individual. I do not believe that there is one true purpose to life for every person who inhabits this planet. If we all had the same purpose in life, why on earth (no pun intended) would there be so many of us? Surely only one person would ...

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Beginning ruminations and reflections regarding the cosmological questions of life that all thoughtful people contemplate. What is the meaning and purpose of life, and others along that line. Discussions and thoughts pertaining towards understanding and answers.