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Modern School online collaboration for early years students

I have attached a short story about the first modern school movement, Freinet and Daniel. Please assist me in explaining how this is applicable to today's schooling, and how could this be applied in preschool or kindergarten.


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The Modern School Movement is gaining momentum in schools across the globe. Classes of all ages (even collegiate!) now have the ability to instantly collaborate using live chat with other classes of students in other countries for language courses, science, social studies and many other disciplines. If teachers are leery of the content that their students might transmit (a justifiable concern, especially with younger students) e-mail allows a time delay wherein content can be monitored. This same collaboration can be accomplished via old-fashioned methods (snail mail) but the immediacy of the Internet makes it much more gratifying to today's instant gratification learners. They don't have to wait a ...

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Online collaboration for early years students, including Internet resource for matching teachers, projects and classes.