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Technology in class and security

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1. Discuss Internet security and how you would use it in your classroom to protect the students from Internet predators and inappropriate material.

2. Explain proper copyright and student use agreements that could be used in any K-12 classroom.

3. Discuss three ethical practices of technology uses and explain their importance in a K-12 classroom.

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This writer has seen both extremes. After Columbine and other issues in the modern day, schools need to be vigilant about what goes on in and around the school. This educational expert has been in a setting where there were cameras in every classroom and the secretary would call every day and say she saw a neighbor do something to her son and discuss the matter, even during teacher-lead instructional time.

Then there was another school in another state where after exiting a vehicle outside a high school within seconds an unmarked car drove up. An officer came over to discuss a potential violation. It was very invasive.

For a teacher to have the ability to get into a classroom anytime he or she wants to without having to go through a big hassle to get into the building is also critical. After working a long day, having a break and the ability to get back in to do more preparation for the next day is really valuable. Going in on a week end day ...

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Rules, security, internet and technology in schools is discussed.

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