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    Promoting the use of technology - HOW?

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    How would you recommend promoting the use of technology with fellow teachers, co-workers, and administrative staff?

    Would you provide an example of an experience implementing change in the classroom?

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    To make a presentation to fellow teachers, administrators or other school staff about a new technology, whether that is a one-on-one thing, a group presentation or a staff development class, you must include the following points, which will vary, depending upon the technology you are showcasing.

    ? Show them the use you have put it to in your own successful setting. Tell them how it helped you to: decrease security problems, promote student engagement, increase student achievement, better serve special education or other special populations, save money, make easier record-keeping, track student achievement of curriculum standards, save time, or whatever else the new technology helps achieve. This is WIIFM time (What's in it for me). You cannot over ...

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    Discussion of the primary points to cover in a presentation regarding the use of new technology in the classroom, with example.