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Technological Innovation and the Cost of Production

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a. What are the effects of innovation and technology on the cost of production? How does technology affect market structure and real-world competition? Which market structure is best suited for technological innovation? Explain your answer. How have technological innovations affected your organization?

b. How do you define social diversity and business ethics? How has a more diversified labor force affected the corporate structure and economy? What are some potential roadblocks in promoting a diverse workplace? Explain your answer.

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a. Innovation and technology not only help in improving the quality of product, service and organizational processes, but significantly help in improving the operational efficiency and thus, help in reducing the cost of production. Innovation and technology in today's business environment have led to signification improvement in terms of eliminating efficiency in manufacturing processes. Technology is today considered as a critical success factor for obtaining competitive advantage due to its impact on quality, cost of production and customer service. Companies are making increasing use of ...

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Approach to New Product/Process Development

Use Harvard Business School Case "Pilkington Float Glass-1955" ID # 9-695-024

Examines the development of the float glass process at Pilkington in the mid-1950s. Pilkington has pursued the development of a radically new process for flat glass production, but has experienced serious problems at each stage of development. The senior management must now decide whether to scale up to commercial production.

1)Compare the float glass process with the established plate glass making method?
2)What is your evaluation of Pilkington's approach to new product/process development?
3)Would you recommend the Board of Pilkington Brothers approve Alastair's request for $1.96 million to modify a redundant plate glass furnace for a full scale production line?

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