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Forces Changing Healthcare

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How each of the 17 variables in the four categories would have an effect on the structure and function of the U.S. health care system if the listed variable grew better/higher or diminished/declined. Forces that cause change:
1. Economics
b. Wealth
c. Financial security
d. Economic stability
e. Inflation rate
f. Unemployment
g. Nature of health insurance
2. Culture
a. Privacy
b. Normality
c. Aging
d. Risk taking behavior
3. Technology
a. New treatments
b. New devices
c. Evaluation of new technology
d. Cost-benefit
4. Government
a. Standards
b. Liberal vs. conservative
c. Regulations

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1. Economics
b. If wealth grew higher than the structure of the US health system would expand due to the fact that more individuals would be able to afford healthcare, and even pay out-of-pocket. The function of the healthcare system would be the same which is to provide a high level of health care to patients. If wealthy grew lower or diminished, today US health system would probably reduce in size due to the fact that fewer people would be able to afford this care, but the function will remain the same for those that could afford the care.

c. If financial security grew higher than the structure of the US health system would be expanded due to the fact that there would be more funding for expansion, as well as more patients who could afford this level of care. If financial security diminished, then the structure of the health system would be reduced to smaller facilities with fewer personnel. The function of providing first-class care would increase in the efficiency with greater financial security, and decrease in efficiency with less financial security.

d. Increased economic stability would mean that the healthcare structure would become less centralized and expanded through smaller facilities that can serve more patients, due to the fact that more patients would be able to afford these services. Decreased economic stability would mean a lower number of healthcare facilities serving fewer individuals. The function of the healthcare structure would be more effective with increased economic stability, and less effective in serving patients with decreased economic stability.

e. An increased inflation rate would mean that the healthcare structure would include less staff and fewer facilities due to the necessity of budget cuts, and a reduced inflation rate would mean more staff members and a greater number of facilities to serve ...

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