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Supporting linguistically diverse students in school

Respond to the following scenario: One of your colleagues shares her concerns about her language-minority or linguistically diverse students. She has noticed that several of her students had difficulty with spelling and often reverse the order of certain words or leave out words in their sentences.

She wants to provide high expectations and rigorous academic demands while supporting them at the same time. She wants to know what she should do to support her students.

What can you do to help your colleague?

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There are several ways to help a colleague who has language minority students experiencing the above difficulties. For students who have difficulty spelling certain words or reverse the order of certain words, you may suggest that a colleague do oral exercises with the students to help them master these difficult words. One way would be to have these students ...

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The following solution gives an example of teachers helping teachers. The solution describes a scenario where one teacher asks another teacher to suggest ways that she can help linguistically diverse students who are having diffuculty with spelling and writing complete sentences. There are also suggestions that another possibly more experienced teacher may give to the first teacher to help these students suceed in this area.