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ELL students and prejudice

Please help Choose one of the following statements. List reasons why you support or disagree with the statement. Include current research and cite a minimum of two appropriate references.

*All Americans should be the same.

*Schools should require students to learn to speak English before they receive instruction in any other school subject.

*Students who speak one language at home and learn English at school will grow up confused.

*Using a students' own language in school is a waste of taxpayers' money because he or she will have to use English in the world of work, anyway.

*If people wish to hold on to their language and culture, they should not come to America.

*Most people who come to America learned English quickly without any special arrangement. That's how it should be.

*Providing bilingual education sends a message that groups may live in the
United States without learning English.

*When English is spreading all over the world, Spanish should not be allowed to take over America.

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I disagree with the following statement:

"Students who speak one language at home and learn English at school will grow up confused."

Students who grow up bi-lingual have an inherent advantage over those who grow up only speaking English. They are able to function easily in two distinct linguistic environments and can rapidly transition between the two languages. Cognitively, the bilingual children often show stronger development in the following skills:

1. better metalinguistic awareness (ability to identify and describe characteristics and features of language);

2. better classification skills;

3. better concept formation;

4. better analogical reasoning;

5. better visual-spatial skills;

6. better storytelling skills;

7. better semantic development. ...

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