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Diverse Backgrounds

How do educators meet the needs of students from culturally/linguistically diverse backgrounds? I've given six specific ways I help my CLD students.

Strategies for Misbehavior

What are some strategies teachers can use to control their reactions when students misbehave? Please cite any references used.

Education: I-Messages

What are I-messages, and how can teachers use I-messages to promote effective classroom management? Please cite any references used.

Teaching philosophy alignment is considered.

I) Write a reflection journal that addresses the following question: Which of the philosophies discussed do you align yourself with most? Provide examples. ii) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected

Statistics in research

Why is important to understand statistics in research? How can you handle statistical reporting and analyses in a research study? What type of problems could be encountered?

validity and relibility

How important is validity and reliability in data collections? Please provide a couple of examples that are considered valid and reliable sources of data.

Classroom Procedures

List and discuss three reasons why teachers should establish classroom procedures.

Research types to use with children

What are the most effective research tools to use with children of different ages? What issues are the most significant in selecting the research tools to use?

Structuring Instructional Time as a Teacher

Currently I am not a teacher and I would like to get a teachers perspective on this question. As a teacher, say you only had 90 minutes to teach one class, how would you structure your instructional time? What will you and your students do for 90 minutes during this class time?

Setting time limits for students

Why is it important to set time limits, and why is it equally important to encourage students to adhere to time limits? Cite any references used please.

Most effective method to assess student learning

I need help with the following questions: 1. What does current research suggest is the most effective method to assess student learning in todays education? 2. Is that method reflected in current assessment practices in schools today? 3. What recommendations can you make regarding assessments being used in schoo

Differentitated instruction

Search for three (3) articles in ProQuest to read and review on differentiated instruction that interests you.

effective classroom management .

Please use the classroom procedures section attached in the document. In your own words and experience, please summarize what the classroom procedures section discusses and explain how it is used in your own classroom.


To maintain effective classroom management practices, it is important to establish consistent routines and procedures. Time and transition strategies provide structure and consistency in the classroom. With this being said, why is it important to plan for transitions, and how can a lack of transition procedures interfere with yo

Literature sources

Please explain some of the pros and cons of different sources of literature including the library, online libraries, academic journals and WWW resources. What is the difference between primary and secondary sources? Why is it important to focus on primary sources in a literature review?

Can anyone answer these questions?

1. What are some of the organizational and individual purposes of the formal and informal groups you belong to at work? Does high cohesiveness in a group lead to higher group productivity? Explain. 2. What is the difference between a functional and a dysfunctional conflict? What determines functionality? What techniques or pr

Can you answer these questions?

1. What steps are involved in the delegation process? Are there any steps that should be included that are not already included? How does an effective delegation process impact an organization? 2. Provide an example of a time when you applied problem-solving steps to resolve a specific situation. What did you do effectively a

Mental Retardation

What are the benefits of the DPE(diagnosis,prescription,evaluation) approach? How can it be applied to the classroom curriculum?

Learning Disabiliities

What challenges do regular educators face in adapting lessons for students with LD? What suggestions would you make for the teacher to respond effectively to those challenges?

Task Analysis

Task analyze three procedures that you would use in the classroom. Example: General Procedure: Student Assignments Needed Procedures (Broad): 1.How to find work missed when absent 2.How late work will be handled 3.Heading papers 4.Where to hand in work Specific Procedures (Concrete): 1.Refer to notebook 2. Your tas

This essay addresses the following questions: What will I need to know to be an effective language arts teacher? How will the knowledge help me to become an effective language arts teacher? It is an original essay of about 1200 words with links for further study. The issues addressed are what is in the purview of the language arts teacher and how does s/he apply that in the field. Listening, speaking, reading and writing in all its various forms are part of the language arts class's daily fare. Knowledge of assessment and evaluation instruments, formal and informal, is critical, as is knowledge of the Internet and other information technology such as personal computers. Good language arts teachers will interweave what s/he knows from other humanities and sciences and use those as multi-disciplinary classes to keep interest and make learning fun. Games harvested from the Internet and textbooks can also promote learning of basic skills, avoiding "skill, kill, drill" in favor of motivated learning. Language arts teachers ultimately want their students to become self-motivated lovers of language in all its forms who can continue their education in the classroom, in their careers, and in life. This essay attempts to explore the above issues. It does not pretend to answer the questions with an essay. Its intention is to cover the questions in general so as to get the reader thinking. Beyond that, it gives advice to the student on how to use his/her notes, homework, readings and anything else related to the course to brainstorm towards putting together a good essay.

The question is what will I need to know to be an effective language arts teacher. How will this knowledge help me to become an effective language arts teacher? I can not write this for you. I am going to make some suggestions before writing my suggestions. What does your teacher/course say a language arts teacher does?

Community influence on multicultural education

You have been assigned to a new school site in a culturally diverse neighborhood. Create a plan of action to make sure families and the community is valued in your classroom or worksite. What will you do?

Ideas for early years education research paper

Please assist me in developing some potential educational research topic ideas for a final paper. Interests include anything regarding early childhood education and head start and state funded pre-k.

Teachers' Merit Pay and Theories.

1. Compare and contrast the terms philosophy, ideology, and theory in terms of their application to the teaching profession. 2. Should individual teachers be chosen to receive special increases of pay on the basis of merit? In your answer, discuss your presuppositions and defend your rationale.

group processing for cooperative groups

How would you determine the makeup of cooperative groups? What small group skills are important to teach? Why? Why is group processing important for success? Explain your answer. How would you defend cooperative learning to a parent who is against group work?

Alternative assessment strategies

Describe alternative assessment strategies besides using rubrics in evaluating student outcomes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of alternative assessments?