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delegation process

1. What steps are involved in the delegation process? Are there any steps that should be included that are not already included? How does an effective delegation process impact an organization?

2. Provide an example of a time when you applied problem-solving steps to resolve a specific situation. What did you do effectively and what could you have done better?

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1. Steps Involved in the Delegation Process:
Define desired results.
Select the appropriate employee.
Select the level of delegation (the amount of decision making authority the person will have.)
Clarify expectations and set limits.
Allow for the authority to be equivalent to the level of responsibility.
Provide background information.
Arrange for feedback during the process.
One step that should be included that was not is prior to selecting the appropriate employee, careful consideration should be given as to who that employee should be.
For organizations delegation increases productivity and opens up new lines ...

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