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    Delegation of Tasks

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    What should a manager do to overcome this lack of trust or confidence in subordinates so he or she will feel comfortable delegating tasks to them?

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    //For the effective functioning of an Organization, it is essential to delegate authority to the subordinates. In this paper, we have discussed about what the delegation process is all about and what guidelines should be followed for effective delegation.//

    Delegation is the process of pushing down the authority from the superiors to subordinates who-posses specialized skills to perform such job. This is because the assignment of responsibility for some departments or jobs usually goes hand in hand with the delegation of adequate authority to get the work done. Delegation of authority is a prerequisite for the existence and efficient functioning of the organization. Delegation is a two-sided affair in which the superior must be willing to sacrifice a portion of his authority and ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 505 words with references.